How to use glyphs in Illustrator tutorial

How to use / insert the glyphs in Illustrator for instant access to all the designs in a typeface, how to use the special characters in Illustrator in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Glyphs in Illustrator

glyphs in illustrator and how to tutorial
  1. Window menu in Illustrator

  2. Type category

  3. Glyphs (to see Illustrator glyphs panel)

  4. Select the font to be examined

  5. Select show such as entire font

  6. Type tool

  7. Click artboard

  8. Select one of the glyphs by double clicking design in glyph panel and add the character to the current selected type at the current insertion point



The panel can be a really quick way to access all your designs, especially if you use a font that has 1000s of characters or characters are hidden (unless you can remember the code to access them that is)


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 100 Starburst shapes in truetype TTF and EPS (V99) gallery


Location : fonts and type tool in Illustrator panel glyphsYou can quickly add characters by using the panel - the panel is found in the window menu.

Creating designs on artboard : Select type tool and apply to current artboard and goto the panel and double click the required character in panel and Repeat with other characters (you can re-size the thumbnails by using the controls at the bottom of the panel)


Change font : It can also be used to change a font or styles etc - select the type tool and type some characters or just use some pre-existing characters on the artboard. Select the letters and then go to the panel. You can change the font and font style via the top dropdown, just change arial to myriad etc as required or regular to bold all via that panel


Change characters : You can double click any of the cells in the panel and that will change the current selected character or characters to the new character so if you have 'B' it can then be changed to 'T' in a second.


Entire set : glyphs panel and fonts typeYou can show the entire font as well as alternates for the current selection and many more (depends on the font) via the Illustrator glyph panel. You can also increase the size of the display by clicking the zoom out and zoom in at the bottom of the panel.


You can see via the right side image a whole range of different characters. If you are using some of the fonts on this site you will notice that many additional designs are included in the set that can be conventially added via the A-Z or 0-9 and a-z range, so the panel enables you to quickly explore all those designs and see many variations of the artworks included in the set


If you select a font like Myriad Pro then you can show

Alternates for current selection

Entire font


Case-sensitive forms

Lining figures

Stylistic alternates


Slashed zero and many others


SVG color fonts : The Illustrator glyphs panel is also super useful for the new color SVG designs that have been added to the typeface in AI. You will often find that you cannot type the colorful type characters but you can select them if you select the typeface and add them via the panel - just double click the design to add to the current selected text as with the normal truetype designs


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