How to Warp type in Illustrator tutorial

How to warp type in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc tutorial

How to Warp type in Illustrator

warp tool type in illustrator tutorial
  1. Select type (or create some type via type tool) in Illustrator to be warped -you can warp all type

  2. Object menu

  3. Envelope distort category

  4. Make with warp command

  5. Set style to arc, wave, fish etc

  6. Set horizontal or vertical setting as required

  7. Set bend value

  8. Set distortion - subtle or extreme

  9. OK

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can then just keep with the envelope or expand the envelope via the expand command in the object menu. The distortion is still live so the envelope can still be modified by just using tools such as the direct selection tool. The envelope points can be selected using the direct selection tool and then dragged to further modify the artwork and this can be used to create ever more complex designs using live text once you have expanded the any of the letters, the result is just a standard path and you can then distort it further using the same method or some of the methods displayed below but the letters can no longer be updated, it is no longer live


The styles available are


Arc lower

Arc upper



Shell lower

Shell upper










The presets are useful but they have not been extended for years and there is no way of adding your own presets. You can also edit the content of the envelope (such as change the words to something else) via the envelope distort menu and the 'edit contents' command. You can also set the envelope options via the object menu and offers options such as fidelity.


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There are also other ways of doing the same thing and some of them are listed below. You can also find many tutorials on the subjects on our site via the search

You can also distort the text with

1. Make mesh command

2. Make with mesh object

3. Twirl tool etc if expanded type

4. Blend tool is another option by using the type and selected object

5. Third party plugins

6. Effect menu and warp command

7. Free distort effect


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