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Warp type in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to warp type in Illustrator CC 2017 etc tutorial

Warp type in Illustrator

  1. Select type (or create some type via type tool) in Illustrator

  2. object menu

  3. envelope distort category

  4. make with warp command

  5. set style to warp Illustrator type such as arc, wave, fish etc

  6. set horizontal warp or vertical warp

  7. set bend value for type warp

  8. set distortion (for additional optional warping)

  9. OK

You can then just keep with the envelope or expand the envelope via the expand command in the object menu. The warp type is still live so the envelope can still be modified by just using tools such as the direct selection tool where the envelope points can be selected and then dragged to further warp the type and this can be used to create ever more complex designs using live type.


You can also edit the content of the envelope via the envelope distort menu and the 'edit contents' command.

Some alternative options to warp type in Illustrator

You can also warp type with

1. Make mesh command

2. Make with mesh object

3. Twirl tool etc if expanded type

4. Blend tool is another option by using the type and selected object

5. Third party plugins

6. Effect menu and warp command

7. Free distort effect

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