Insect Shapes / Fonts for Photoshop, Pages, PSP and others

Insect graphics (spiders, beetles, flies) realistic, commercial use (Photoshop shapes, fonts)

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insect shapes for Photoshop and elements

Image gallery: 100 Insect custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (Volume 140)

100 Insect and bug custom shapes includes bug shapes, spider artworks, wasp, cockroach, fly shapes, centipede and more. Stunning creepy crawly custom shapes for all kinds of work throughout Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Use in Creative Suites CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (as well as the independent versions of PS, of course). The insect shapes are all vectors for any size of work. The designs are all stored in standard insect CSH format - load via the palette and apply as shape layers, paths, selections, fills. Commercial use, all royalty-free - use the insect designs in countless projects such as ceramics, mugs, posters, website designs, logos, textiles, fashions, countryside designs, items for sale and much more.

insect bug shapes font for Photoshop,

Image gallery: 100 Insect shapes - Insects font for PSP, Pages, Indesign and others (Volume 128)

100 Insect and bug posed shapes includes centipede, cockroach, fly, spider, beetle shapes - many wonderful insect designs. The font set includes the designs in TTF and EPS vector shapes format for use with any size of work. The insect shapes can be used in Photoshop, Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, Publisher and many other applications PC and MAC OS X. They can be combined, modified, distorted, - the insect font shapes can be re-colored, warped, transformed, slanted and much more. You can re-color the design in numerous ways (and this depends on the application). In Photoshop, you can re-color the insect font shapes via the layer effects, toolbox, adjustment layers, filters, Kuler and more. Commercial use, all royalty-free.


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