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Learn how to use the join tool in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 etc to combine and trim paths

Illustrator join tool

join tool for Illustrator and how to join and trimming paths and lines
  1. Select two open Illustrator paths - two lines for the join tool to be used in Illustrator

  2. Toolbar and shaper tool (join tool is beneath that)

  3. Select the join tool (JT) in Illustrator

  4. Pass over the closest ends of the paths with the tool

The JT works quickly with two paths. Simply pass the JT over the paths and the paths will be combined (as long as the JT allows this - if the paths are not pointing in the same direction then they cannot be welded).


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube).



Basics : The tool is for combining paths and trimming paths / lines / open paths etc.


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Two open lines : It works using two lines either selected or not (though personally, I generally select the paths I use and then use the JT with the paths)


Example : select two open paths such as two lines, Go to the JT in the toolbar, Pass over the closest ends of the two paths and as long as the tool allows for the join to occur then you will end up with a sharp point. If the lines are parallel, the JT will do nothing (it just ignores them).


Sharp point result : two pathsAnother point with the JT is that it will result in a sharp point but once you have that, you can always use the other tools such as curvature tool to modify the point.


Example : create a line using the line segment tool. Create another line using the line segment tool. Place the lines close together such as on the right. Point the ends of the lines towards each other. Select the tool


Draw over the end of the lines with the JT.


Note that if the paths are a lot further apart, the JT will not work



Trimming: The JT can also be used as a powerful trimming tool as well as a JT.


The clipping works if you have a line butting close to an existing line.


The clipping works if the lines crossover.


Again, the JT does depend on the distance of the lines from each other


Example : select the JT in the toolbar. Draw over the smallest part of the crossover (the trailing parts of the lines) and the JT should then trim the lines and replace the two with one single sharp pointed line


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