Letter / type / alphabetical font

Letter / character / type / alphabetical / text shapes / font sets for Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Indesign, Affinity Designer etc

Letter type shapes

TTF / EPS format. Price :$6.49 US Dollars


Buy 100 "W" Shapes (V175) "W" Letter font shapes for PSP, GIMP, Affinity Photo ...


Buy 100 "P" shapes (V169) gallery


Buy 224 'C' Artworks / font (V70) gallery


Buy 642 'X' Shapes (V56) gallery


Buy 100 'Y' Graphics (V113) gallery


Buy 100 T and L shapes etc (V159) gallery


The sets include designs such as decorative 'E' and 'P' and 'C' and 'X' and 'Y' themed artworks + rounded designs + frames + outlines + abstract artworks + stretched artworks + tiles and many more.


Free sampler selection of brushes and shapes and patterns for you to download and tryout


The letter type font shapes are for commercial use, all royalty free, all are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle. The sets include the artworks in TTF truetype font format along with EPS vector format. There are no time limits on the character designs use. You can use the letter type font shapes worldwide. You can use tem to create books + illustrations + fashions + items for sale + textile + fabrics + items for Zazzle + carpets + t-shirts + web pages and more. The letter type font shapes are all vectors for any size of work so they can be used to create huge designs as well as small designs and anything in between. Load them via the keyboards as you would with any font or access via the glyph panel. The eps letter and type and character shapes can be accessed via the file open and place command. The alphabetical / type / letter shapes can be set to any color. They can be distorted and transformed. They can be combined with themselves along with other paths though this does depend on the application. If you are using a tool like Illustrator or Affinity Designer, the letter / type font shapes can be expanded and turned into a normal path and additional paths can be added to the artwork and combined perhaps to turn them into a type themed symbol or swatch. If you are using raster tools such as Applications, the characters can be rasterized or flattened with the background layer and then additional paths can be added to the X and Y and T and L etc designs. The letter type font shapes can be used with 3D tools to create amazing 3D artworks. The letter / alphabetical font shapes can be modified using effects and filters as well as layer effects and adjustment layers. You can use the letter shapes to create all kinds of amazing artwork. On purchase of the letter font shapes sets, you receive the artworks in TTF and EPS format along with notes and gallery and serial. If you want to find out more about type designs or fonts, please check out our graphicxtras channel on youtube.com


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