Metaball / stretch patterns

Metaball patterns for Photoshop, psp, pages, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Photoshop elements, CorelDRAW etc.

Metaball patterns

PNG format, download


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 50 Metaball patterns (V109) Metaball patterns for Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Illustrator ... [browse presets included in set]


The metaball Photoshop patterns set includes gooey tile designs, stretched, weird, colorful tile designs, stretched artworks, weird designs, abstract artworks and distorted meta balls in multiple colors overlapping in many different ways. The artworks in this set are pretty extreme and can be used to create truly weird designs in seconds. The Photoshop metaball patterns can add all kinds of abstract surfaces and designs to your work. They are for commercial and personal use, all royalty free, all by, for use in any project. You can use the artworks to create items for sale + book covers + magazine covers + items for sale on + 3D models + backgrounds + fashions + t-shirts + carpets + towels + wallpaper + videos and much more. The metaball patterns for Photoshop etc are supplied in PNG format and can be loaded via the edit menu and define pattern command (and they can be loaded into other applications such as Affinity Photo via the gradient tool and fill layer command). They are super colorful designs. The Photoshop metaball patterns are seamless tiles for any size of work so you can use the artworks with super large posters as well as very tiny designs such as for ceramics and t-shirts. You can use them as a layer as well as an image or frame or background. You can re-color the artworks. You can combine them in millions of different colorful combinations by using blending modes as well as opacity and masks to modify the tiles (without changing the underlying tile design). You can transform and warp and distort the Photoshop metaball patterns. You can use them with brush textures via the brushes panel to give your strokes amazing depth. You can use the artworks in layer styles via the pattern overlay and those can be mixed with the gradients and beveks and shadows added to a layer. On purchase of the set, you receive the metaballs along with gallery and notes and serial.



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