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Octopus graphics (Photoshop brushes, shapes, fonts), realistic and scratchy, commercial use

octopus brushes shapes Photoshop

Date updated: May 3rd, 2023

octopus custom shapes for Photoshop

Image gallery: 100 Octopus custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements (Volume 114)

100 Octopus shapes - wonderful octopus designs including hydra, cartoon octopus custom shapes, tangled octopus shapes and many more for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and Photoshop Elements 11-1 -wonderful octopus designs in CSH format, all vectors for any shapes. Dramatic shapes for your work. If you have any questions about the set, please contact us. On buying the set, you receive the download url to the octopus shapes along with the documentation and a gallery of all the custom shapes in Photoshop as well as a serial number for any future updates of the octopus set of shapes. Commercial use shapes, royalty-free - use the octopus shapes to create items for sale such as books, illustrations, documentation, backgrounds, web pages, adverts, packaging, mugs and more. The octopus shape are all accessed via the Photoshop toolbox and can be applied as layers, paths and fill pixels - combine the designs, re-color them, modify them, transform them (rotate, scale) as well as export the octopus designs to other applications or use as raster format designs. If you have any questions about the octopus shapes, please let us know on support@graphicxtras.com. See all the designs included in the set via the gallery above.

octopus brushes for Photoshop

Image gallery: 100 Octopus Brushes for Photoshop and Elements and psp and WordPress and others (Volume 72)

100 Octopus brushes including tangled octopus arm strokes, cartoon artworks, hydra and many more for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and others. See all the designs included in the set via the right side thumbnail gallery - all the dabs are in the set in standard ABR format (access via the preset manager / presets) and PNG format. Many wonderful designs to apply to layers, to re-color, apply once or thousands of times, export to other applications and more. Use throughout Photoshop via the clone tool, paint tool, smudge tool, art history, blur tool and more. Commercial use, royalty-free - wonderful brush strokes for use to create items for sale in all your projects such as on items for sale, posters, logos, cards, bowls, videos, bags, hats, textiles, wallpaper, flip flops, bibs, magazines, comics, prints and much more.

octopus graphics pack

Image gallery: 100 Octopus PDF vector shapes for Photoshop, Indesign, Pages and many others (PDF #48)

100 Stunning vector shape designs in standard PDF format (PDF format is Adobe Acrobat) - use via the Photoshop file open command and the file place command (import) - the designs are rasterized into layers and can be used throughout CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 on the PC and MAC. They can also be used in many other applications such as Adobe Indesign, Xara, Photoshop and others. The PDF octopus designs can also be converted to other formats such as PNG and TIFF. You can use the graphics as layers and combine them, re-color, modify, scale them, rotate them, slant them, export and much more. Commercial use octopus shapes, royalty-free, use to create items for sale, wristlets, logos, bags, ceramics, flip flops, bottles, magnets for fridges, postage, pet tags, bibs, leaflets, patches.

Octopus font

Image gallery: 100 Octopus shapes - Octopus font for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign (Volume 102)

100 Octopus shapes font set for Photoshop, Word, Adobe Indesign, DTP software and undersea adventures. Get your tentacles wrapped around this wonderful font. License commercial use, all royalty-free, all the octopus shapes are by graphicxtras.com (Andrew Buckle). The octopus font shapes are all vectors for any size of work. The font set includes all the designs in a TTF true type file and also includes all the same design in EPS vector format. The octopus set also includes a PDF document showing all the character artworks in the set and the relationship with the keyboard such as A B C D (as with normal fonts, Verdana and Arial). Use the octopus shapes to create items for sale, calendars, aprons, stationery, powerpoint sliders, postage, note book covers, pet tags, mouse pads, bibs, logos, printed designs, printing, teddy bears,. Easy to load font set. See all the designs included in the set via the gallery link above

Octopus PDF Shapes / Photoshop

Accessing PDF octopus shapes in Photoshop

You can load the octopus artworks via the file open command in Photoshop and elements; you can also access the PDF designs via the file place command


Using the Photoshop open command, you will be asked the size / resolution for the PDF shape. If you use the place command, the octopus shape is placed just as a standard layer and can be re-sized as required. It will be set at the resolution of the document.


The octopus set also has the shapes in other formats. In many of the sets of PDFs on graphicxtras, the PDF files all contain just a single vector shape but the octopus set includes multiple shapes and you will be requested to select a design (pity that you can't select multiple octopus designs but that is the nature of the open command from Adobe).


pdf octopus open


As you can see from the dialog above, multiple items are visible but only one of the octopus artworks can be selected. You can set the size, bit depth, color mode.


The Photoshop place command dialog is similar but without all the fields on the right for the size. Once opened and used as a layer then you can re-size the vector octopus


place octopus shape


You can, if you have Photoshop CS5, use the Photoshop "open as smart object command" found in the file menu and you can then use the octopus as a smart object (as the layer) and re-size at any point in the creative artwork. You can see a little smart object icon in the layers palette - double click the icon to edit


octopus smart object


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