Op art and black and white halftone dots for Photoshop tutorial

halftone op art and black and white dot photoshop tutorial

How to create an op art halftone dot design and creation using Photoshop CC CS6 etc filters (using halftone filter)


  1. New document and set color to black and white (foreground and background) for the op art / black and white halftone effect

  2. Filter gallery

  3. Halftone filter

  4. Size - set about 4 but depends on the document

  5. Contrast - 0 for a more blurry effect

  6. Pattern type - set to dots

  7. OK

Video tutorial on the subject by graphicxtras.com (youtube)


You now have your basic halftone artwork to work with with the twirl and selections etc


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You can create all kinds of weird and wonderful art from the design such as using selections for the halftone dots - take the generated halftone dot design and copy and paste multiple times. For example, Photoshop Toolbar and Select the elliptical marquee tool and Select a circle (hold shift) area of the halftone dots and then Edit menu and copy Paste


You can also use Twirl effect for the op art dot design - you don't have to use just a basic halftone effect. Add distortions and oil effects etc


Distort menu / twirl and Set angle to 50 / 75 etc. Ok (So now you have a layer with a twirl halftone dot op art effect). Use alt / option key to duplicate the layer. Repeat duplication multiple times to create multiple layers

You can also re-size the layers as well as perhaps apply additional twirls to the layers individually. Flatten


Once all the layers have been flattened, you can now just go to the twirl filter again - Filter menu and Distort and then Twirl. Set the angle to the opposite direction such as 120 degrees (-120) and click Ok


Many different op art halftone dot black and white artworks can be created by using different combinations of op art twirl layers (some small, some overlapping and so on) The artwork probably works best with a large document but the examples only show a 400 x 400 sized so the result is not so extreme The end result can then be manipulated with other effects to create different designs such as weird plaster effects (using the plaster filter in the filter gallery)


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