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Ornament custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

ornament shapes for Photoshop and elements

Ornament custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. The ornament custom shapes are for use on the PC and MAC. The ornament shapes include many frame ornament shapes, tile ornament shapes, curled ornament shapes, flourishes, crescent designs, rectangular themed artworks and more. The vector ornament themed custom shapes are all vectors for any size of work. The ornament custom shapes can be combined with other paths. You can add other paths to the ornament shapes in Photoshop. You can add fills and strokes to the ornament custom shapes. You can use them as a shape layer as well as paths and fills. The ornament custom shapes for Photoshop can be used to create stunning selections which can be filled with photos and text and gradients and more. They can be set to any color such as gradients and patterns and solid colors as fills as well as adding to the stroke (as well as dash styles). You can use the ornament custom shapes once or multiple times in Photoshop and elements. Load the ornament shapes via the custom shapes tool / panel You can use them as images as well as layers. The ornament custom shapes are in CSH format and are supplied with notes and gallery and serial

Ornament shapes to purchase

$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, CSH format, download


BUY 100 Ornament shapes (V191) Ornament custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

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