How to make a mosaic in Painter tutorial

How to make a mosaic in Corel Painter 2018 2017 2015 etc

Make mosaics in Painter

make mosaics in corel painter
  1. Create a new document in Corel Painter

  2. Effects menu and esoterica and mosaic and tesselation

  3. Select apply tiles for the mosaic

  4. Set the tile color to whatever and settings to dimensions and set width and length etc

  5. Change grout and grout color (as required)

  6. Apply brush strokes in current color (note, you use clone color but this is applying the mosaic to an empty document)

  7. Fill document with mosaic

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Apply tiles action : You can apply tiles and that adds tiles to the document. You are not modifying the existing tiles and you can paint over them (though nothing will be added to an existing tile) and around them to add more and more in the current color.


Remove tiles action : You can change your mind and clear some painted tiles. You can also use the clear button to do that for the entire design. Just paint over the existing tile to remove it.


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Select tiles action : You can select the tiles and then click color which will then add the current color to all the selected tiles. You can click the tint button and that will tint the current selected tiles with the current color. If you want to create a random filled set then set the color variablility panel to a large hue / saturation jitter and then click the vary and all the tiles selected with turn into random colors.


Change tiles : You can apply adjustments to the tiles by brushing over them such as changing the color as well as making the tiles darker or lighter. You can also tint them with the current color. You can also apply variability via that panel (so if hue is set to 0 then the tool will do nothing but if it is set to some level of jitter then you will suddenly get lots of different random colored filled tiles)


Stroke / fill selection action : This is a slightly odd tool as you have to leave the panel and then go and create a selection using the marquee etc and then go back into the tool and then click the stroke selection and you will then get tiles added all around the edge of the selection. The fill selection appears to do nothing in my version.


Render to mask and tesselation actions : that is for other tutorials on the site


Painting with the tiles : You can modify the width and length of the tiles and paint using the apply tiles. Increase the grout and the padding between the tiles will increase. You only have one grout color (such as white). If you set the grout to nothing then the tiles are added crunched up against each other (with only a very faint gap). The grouting is respected even after you change it to a new setting so if you paint with a grouting of 10% and then change it to 0%, you will still find that you can't paint into the gaps between the tiles.


Randomness setting generates more shard like tiles.


Clones : this tutorial is for a new document. You can also use clone colors and clones to create tiles based on an existing image. You can find more about that in other tutorials.


Layers : You cannot add the tiles to other layers. You can get around this by saving the document with the tiles to a PNG format file and losing the vector information and then re-open the PNG file and then re-start applying new tiles to that. There is no freeze feature as far as I can find. The tiles added are as is while you are in the same document as well as saved via to a RIFF file.


Effects: Once you come out of the panel, you can apply effects such as apply surface texture etc but the tiles are still there, the vector information underlying the tiles is untouched by any of the brushes or effects. Re-start the panel and you will find you cannot overdraw the tiles. You can create some interesting designs by using the remove tiles action or varying the color of the tiles and that results in the tile and the effect being removed. Likewise, painting with the tiles after applying an effect can be slightly odd


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