How to use pop art fill in Painter tutorial

How to use the pop art fill effect in Painter 2018 2017 2016 2015 X3 X2 for halftones tutorial

Pop art fill effect in Painter

pop art fill effect image painter how to tutorial
  1. Open document in Painter

  2. Effects

  3. Esoterica

  4. Pop art fill (effect)

  5. Set the using to 'image luminance' if you want to create a pop art effect with the current image

  6. Set a small scale for lots of dots, set scale to high for hardly any dots

  7. Contrast - lower values for a blurry effect or higher for sharper dots

  8. Set dab and background color (black and white are great) as well as inverted (or just swap the colors) and OK

  9. Effects focus and soften (medium setting)

  10. Effects and esoterica and pop art fill (to create a smoother pop art fill)

Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


All kinds of amazing of halftone effects can be created. You don't have to use an image. You can also use patterns as well as gradients


Selections : You do not need to add the effect to the whole image. It can be used in a selection. use the rectangular selection and select part of the image and then go to the effect and apply.


Change the settings for the scale such as 140% or 100% or the contrast or perhaps change the dab color and background color.


Select another area of the image, perhaps overlapping the original and then run the effect again with different scaling and contrast and so on.


You can then fill the entire image with a patchwork of the effect instead of the same effect for the entire image


Gradients : You can use gradients as a source and select gradients as well but personally the results are interesting but not as flexible as perhaps creating the gradient in the image and then using the effect with the image luminance setting.


You can use multiple gradients and combine them using blends and commiting them and then using the result with the effect to create some truly unique dot designs.


The advantage also of using the image that you can modify other settings and scale the design and then use it with the effect.


Patterns : Patterns can be a source as well for the effect. You can select the patterns via the panel and as patterns can be anything such as type or nozzles etc then you can quickly create amazing halftone screen designs using all kinds of imagery


You can quickly add your own patterns to the panel via the capture feature and once captured then you can use them with the original luminance setting


Other effects : The effect works well with tools such as gaussian blur to create more blurry halftone effects.


You can also use apply surface texture to give some depth to the effect's result.


Layers : You can select and copy and paste your image. You can apply the effect to the lower layer and then go to the top layer and select the blending mode via the layers dropdown to multiply or screen etc to create more interesting dot design. You can combine the image with the dots by using blending modes such as overlay


You can also apply the effect on both layers but change the settings for the effect and then use blending modes or lower opacity.


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