How to create spiral halftone gradient in Painter tutorial

How to create a spiral halftone gradient effect in Painter 2018 2017 2016 2015 X3 X2 etc tutorial

Spiral halftone gradient effect in Painter

spiral halftone gradient effect painter how to create
  1. Window (menu in Painter)

  2. Library palettes

  3. Show gradients

  4. Go to the gradient palette and select a gradient

  5. Select a spiral gradient (mirrored left to right option at the bottom)

  6. Go to the Effects and esoterica and pop art fill (to create the spiral halftone gradient)

  7. Selecting 'using current grad'

  8. Set low scale and mid contrast and black and white colors

  9. OK

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Multiple applications of preset : differenceYou can be even more flexible by using the tool in the toolbar and you can apply all kinds of presets across the document and then commit the color.


You can then select the blending mode (such as difference) for the tool and re-apply another preset across the image and the color combination can be used to generate amazing colorful work. You can then modify the colors by using many of the color effects.


You can warp the design by using the warp filter.


You can then go back into the effect and set the using to image luminance instead of using the current grad.


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