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How to import Photoshop brushes ABR into Paintstorm Studio

Learn how to import new brushes (Photoshop brushes ABR)

Import / add / load Photoshop brushes ABR into Paintstorm Studio

  1. Obtain the ABR Photoshop brushes files (via graphicxtras etc) for import into Paintstorm Studio

  2. if brush options panel is not available goto to the document menu and view and brush options

  3. goto the brush (options) panel

  4. click 'custom form' (in the brush form section)

  5. click the brush icon to display the brush selection panel

  6. goto 'single forms' and right click

  7. goto to menu 'import forms from ABR' (last entry)

  8. Browse for the Photoshop brushes ABR file

  9. select and open abr file

  10. say yes to 'do you want to create new folder for this forms' or no (if not they will be added to the current folder)

  11. The Photoshop brushes have now been imported

Post import of the Photoshop brushes

Now you have the imported Photoshop brushes, you can use them with all the brushes in the application

  1. select any brush in Paintstorm studio's brushes panel

  2. select the custom form option in the brush panel

  3. click the brush

  4. select one of the newly imported Photoshop brushes

** Please note that some versions of ABR may or may not be supported. Best check sampler ABRs on site

Brushes to buy

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