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Panda bear brushes for Photoshop / PSP / Affinity Photo ...

panda bear brushes for Photoshop, psp etc

Panda bear brushes are for use in Photoshop, PSP, Photo-paint, CorelDRAW, Affinity Photo, Pages and many others. The panda bear brushes are all for PC and mac. They include sketched panda bears brushes, cartoon panda bears, drawn panda bear brushes. The panda bear brushes are all for commercial use, all royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. The pandas can also be used as basic layers as well as masks and as other presets such as patterns and displacement maps. You can combine the panda bear brushes in 1000s of ways with themselves as well as with other paths. You can modify them by using effects and layer effects and adjustment layers. The set is supplied with the artwork along with notes about the strokes and also a gallery of all the designs included and a serial number.

Panda bear brushes to purchase

$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, PNG format, download


BUY 190 Panda bears (V180) Panda bear brushes for Photoshop ...


BUY 100 Panda bear brushes (V179) Panda bear brushes for GIMP, Affinity Photo ... [browse]

panda bear brushes black photoshop psppanda bear brushes looking photoshop psppanda bear brushes closeupcamera raw filter panda bear brushpanda bear brushes panelpink background panda

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The panda bear brushes are all supplied in standard PNG format and are mixed sizes (in many cases) and some are as large as 4000 x 3000 etc but some are a little smaller in size and they come in a variety of designs as well such as scratchy panda bear brush, a cleaner panda bear brush, a close-up panda bear brush and many more.


The panda bear brushes can be modified in countless applications such as Photoshop but also Affinity Photo or PaintStorm Studio and Acorn and can be turned into a more sketched design or distressed design or blurred animal artwork. All kinds of effects can be added to the strokes to turn them into even more unique designs and they can all be defined as a new brush stroke via the edit menu define brush command in Photoshop (as well as via the brush panel in Affinity Photo and so on). They can also be used as just layers or perhaps as a great source for animal themed patterns and displacements.


The set is supplied in PNG format (and comes with a gallery as well as other information and a serial) and they can all be define via the edit menu define brush command in Photoshop but if you want to define them all in one go then you can use the supplied actions (or you could create your own action to define all the brushes in a folder) and then run a batch process Via the file menu)


All the artwork was created in a 3D application and then manipulated using a variety of tools and then image traced in Illustrator and created as a new brush stroke PNG file.


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