How to use fragment filter in Photoshop tutorial

How to use the fragment filter in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc.

Fragment filter in Photoshop

fragment filter in Photoshop how to use tutorial
  1. Open image in Photoshop for use with the fragment filter

  2. Filter menu

  3. Pixelate category

  4. Fragment filter


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Averaging : The plugin / filter uses the average of a selection of pixels to create the Photoshop fragmentation effect. The effect works best with a small image. There are no options - it works as is but it should not be seen as just a single effect as it can be used multiple times and in multiple ways


General uses of fragment : As with all the PS effects you can use the tool

with channels

use it with smart objects

use with layers

use with blending modes as well as combine it with other effects

use in actions

use multiple times

With selections

With channels

Use with shapes and brushes etc


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Abstract imagery : artisticYou can use it to create all kinds of weird and wonderful abstract imagery. The result can then be further manipulated with other tools such as the artistic filters.


Or you can add the effects before you use the fragment filter and then apply the artistic tools.


You can then combine all the effects used into an action via the actions panel and recording the different filters along with the fragment filter


Use with selections : selectionYou can use the tool with selections by using the select menu and color select or select / mask or the rectangular marquee tool and then access the tool via the filter menu and pixelate category.


If you want to blur out a part of the image (say to stop someone being identified) then you can use the rectangular marquee tool and select the required area and then apply the tool to that


Channels : You can use the tool with channels. Display the channels panel via the window menu and then select the red and use the tool with that and use it multiple times, select the green channel and then use the tool a few times than the red etc


Fade and blending modes : fadeYou can also combine the plugin with the edit menu and fade and perhaps blending modes to vary the result


You can also use the opacity setting to reduce the effect of the tool.


Blending modes : If you want to use blending modes with the fragment Photoshop filter, another approach would be to use the duplicate layer and then use the tool with the duplicated layer and then use blending modes via the panel. It should be noted that as there are no modification features with the tool, the blends are fairly limited but they do work nicely with darken.


Smart object / filter : You can use the effect with smart object and that makes the effect super smart as well. You can then hide or delete the effect. As there are no options with this tool then it makes no difference when clicking it in the layers panel


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