How to create 3D models using gradients in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create extreme 3D models using Photoshop gradients via the 3D depth maps in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc.

Create 3D model using Photoshop gradients

3d models from photoshop gradients tutorial how to create
  1. Select the gradient tool in Photoshop for the creation of the 3D model

  2. Select a gradient

  3. Select the blending mode for the gradients (such as difference)

  4. Apply gradient again perhaps using a different origin or length etc or perhaps change the gradient to a radial gradient to create even more extreme color for the 3D model

  5. Apply effects etc as required

  6. 3D menu

  7. New mesh from layer

  8. Depth map to

  9. Sphere


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Model : depthNow you have the model, you can rotate it, simplify it, transform it, blend it, create an instance but the key thing is the export to other apps such as Poser. Of course, you do not need to use the sphere option but I have always found that creates some of the more interesting depth maps


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Depth plane : single planeThere are many different designs you can create via the menu and new mesh from layer and depth map such as the depth plane. You can then rotate that, scale it and much more. Go to the properties panel and you can also change the style of the plane to set it to a depth map or sketch etc.


You can also select the background via the key panel and then go to the properties and set it to different materials as well as different illuminations and ambient settings.


Two sided plane : twoYou can also create an unusual combination where both sides are the same. All the other settings are available such as surface style etc. Great for a mirror effect


Solid extrusion : solidCreates something like the single but it is solid instead. A combination of the basic extrusion and the single plane.


Great for type.


Two sided extrusion : twoCreate a lovely solid extrusion with both sides matching.


Sadly there appears to be no way to increase the extrusion or setting to set the extrusion. You just get the default setting


Cylinder : cylinderCreates a lovely abstract cylinder design that would look good on a table or mantelpiece. Again, you can use the defined color or you can edit the colors or use one of the material presets supplied.


Sphere : sphereI often find sphere creates the most abstract and weird and wonderful designs. As with all the creations, you can also duplicate them and create instances of the artworks and then combine them in multiple ways.


You can also flatten the artwork afterwards and use the layer as just a normal layer and combine with effects etc


New extrusion from layer : layerThe most basic as it just generates a cube with the design but you can modify the extrusion depth as well as add twists and twirls etc


Export : exportIf you want to export it to another application. There are a number of formats such as OBJ etc to choose from and that can be exported to Poser etc


3D menu and then Export layer and Select OBJ etc


Use blending modes : warpedYou can also create slightly different and unusual artworks by using the presets and blending modes such as difference combined with adjustment layers as well as effects such as blurs to create a perhaps more subtle design.


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