How to create a new Photoshop gradient tutorial

How do you create a new gradient in Photoshop tutorial, Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc.

Create new Photoshop gradient

how to create a new gradient in Photoshop via gradient editor
  1. Select the Photoshop gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Goto top left of application along top bar

  3. Click the gradient presets dropdown to enter the gradient editor (not the little dropdown arrow as that shows the presets)

  4. Modify existing stops as well as add new stops (or delete)

  5. Click "new" button to create new gradient in Photoshop

  6. Click OK


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


Basics : editorThe first thing is to select a tool that can be used with the presets (such as the fill layer command or the GRD tool in the toolbar). You need to be able to access the presets dropdown.


Click the actual current preset (and not the dropdown arrow) to enter the editor.


Modify an existing preset and then use the new command on right side of panel to save the work to the panel and use the save command in right side panel to save it as a permanent GRD file (if required)


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Inside the editor : opacity stopsIn the editor, go to the colorful bar in the middle of the editor panel


Color stops are along the bottom row.

Opacity stops are along the top row


Stretch the panel : extendStretch out panel to fill a lot of the screen (makes it easier to select and create more complex color effects with the editor).


Opacity stops : opacityClick on the top opacity stops to select and move existing entries.


Click away from an existing stop to add an opacity stop. You can change the value of the opacity and location at any time via the edit fields below the bar at the bottom of the editor


To remove an opacity stop, just drag the stop of the bar


The opacity stops can be set between 0 and 100%. Zero percent and the stop is totally transparent.


Color stops : colorClick on the bottom of bar to create color stops. Click on existing bottom stops to move and select them. Double click the color stops to change the color as that will display the color picker for you to choose a color.


Click away from an existing color stop to add a stop and then change the color as modify the location by dragging or using the location field at the bottom of the panel.


You can see that you are adding a stop as the cursor will change to a hand.


Using the edit field : locationChanging the location via the location field is often easier than dragging the stops especially if you want to space them out 5% 10% 15% etc or perhaps 5% 15% 30% etc


The edit fields for the stops is found in the bottom half of the panel. You can change the


color stop - change the actual color via the color picker or use the eye dropper which is active while displaying the picker


As you select a stop, you will see the color field and the location for the new gradient change.


Create new preset : newOnce you are happy with the preset, click the "new" button and you will see your work added to the last entry in the panel (any modified preset will not be changed or saved so if you don't add the preset then you will just lose any of your changes as soon as you click a different preset)


Solid / noise : noiseThis tutorial is for the "solid" type (there are no color stops etc for the other type).


The noise option adds a lot of additional features such as roughness and randomized color (pity some of those features are not in the editor for the solid as well)


Midpoints : midpointYou can also modify the midpoints for the color stops as well as the opacity stops. Go to the bottom (color) of the bar or the top (opacity) and you will see a little diamond in between the stops and they are the midpoints for the stops. You can shift this right or left to sharpen or blur the color or the effect of the color


Only the end points don't have any left side or right side midpoints.


The midpoints are also available for the opacity stops as well and you can control how much or how little of the color is used and how it fades away


Once you have finished creating the color set (and remembered to go to the right side menu to save it), click OK and exit and apply the preset using the fill or fill content or layer effects etc


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