Pinked edge custom shapes

Pinked edge custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2018 - CS5CS4 etc and Elements and includes sharp edged artworks for all your projects all in CSH format

Pinked edge shapes

CSH format, download

Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 100 Wonderful Pinked edges (V138) Pinked edge custom shapes / frame / edge / scissor for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements


The Photoshop pinked edge custom shapes are for commercial use, all royalty free, all the artworks are by / Andrew Buckle. You can use pinked edge Photoshop shapes to create items for sale + books + adverts + packaging + notebooks + videos + stamps + comics + illustrations + fashions + t-shirts + ceramics + textiles + fabrics and many others. The Photoshop pinked edge custom shapes set includes many different pinked edge / cutting shapes, sharp pinked edge custom shapes, circular designs, rounded and more. Load the CSH into Photoshop and elements via the presets panel as well as via the preset manager and the right side menu with load / replace commands. Select the CSH set and once loaded, you can then select any of the designs in the presets panel. You can use the artworks with the custom shapes tool (found in the toolbar in Photoshop) along with the cookie cutter tool (found in the toolbar in Elements) as well as via the shape blur filter (which allows for the most amazing and unique blurring effects around). The pinked edge Photoshop shapes can be used as layers as well as paths (and selections) as well as fills via the controls at the top of the application. You can use them with any size of work. You can set the artwork to any color such as gradients as well as solid colors and all kinds of patterns. You can combine multiple pinked edge Photoshop shapes together by applying them in different locations or overlapping if using blending modes and opacity. You can use them as layers with masks so the single design can be turned into millions of different artworks simply by changing the mask (which can be made up of brush strokes as well as gradients and effects etc). You can add layer effects / styles such as bevels and drop shadows as well as metallic effects and glows and all kinds of pattern styles to the pinked edge Photoshop shapes. You can also add effects to the designs in countless combinations by using the work as smart filters - you can add halftone effects + camera raw + blur effects + oil paint + glass distortions + liquify and much more. You can save the designs to the CC library (along with the effects and layer styles etc) and they can then be imported into other parts of the creative cloud such as After Effects and Premiere and Indesign etc. You can edit the source material via Illustrator simply by using the library or by copying the designs into Illustrator and then editing the artwork. You can also use tools such as curvature tool / pen tool to manipulate the points of the pinked edge Photoshop shapes to create ever more unique designs. On purchase, you receive the artworks along with notes and gallery and serial and the set is sent by who handle all our sales.



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