Grid patterns

Grid patterns are for use in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Elements, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc. They are for use on the PC and mac.

The set includes rounded artworks + abstract tiles + distorted layout tiles + basic designs + shadow designs + random + intense graphics + mottled + squared themed artworks + distressed and rough artworks + perspective themed tiles + overlapping tiles + scratchy and sketched artworks and many more. To see all the Photoshop grid pattern seamless tiles included in the layouts / tabular set, please check out the browse link above and see a close-up view of many of the tiles included. The tiles are all supplied in a standard format for use with many different applications and all the artworks can be opened and manipulated in those applications and you can then add distortions to the work as well as additional elements perhaps to the cells or perhaps paint on additional lines and paths. You can also re-color the artwork in numerous ways so instead of having a blue artwork, you can have a red and green etc artwork as well. The tiles can be manipulated in 1000s of ways to create a huge library of instant use presets that can be used in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Painter, GIMP and many others on the PC and mac as well as Linux and other systems. All the artworks in the set (s) are for use in commercial as well as personal use. You can use them totally royalty free, there are no time limits on the use of the items, you can use them in all of your work. How you define them in the first place varies from application to application, such as in Photoshop you have to use the define command. In Affinity Photo you can access them via the toolbar. Other applications use different install locations and approaches to loading and using the work. You can find a vast number of videos about how to use the tiles in ourVideo tutorials section on under graphicxtras. If you are using Photoshop and Affinity Photo etc, you can use the tiles as fill layer content and you can then create multiple layers with the artworks and then combine them using masking as well as selections and also opacity and blending modes. You can also use the fills as a smart object and then combine the artwork with smart filter effects to create truly awesome effect filled designs also combined with color adjustments and layer effects. Literally billions of amazing designs can be created using the tiles in combinations. You can also load them via the layer effects dialog and then use the artworks combined with glows and satin and other layer effect settings and the results can be quickly saved as styles presets for instant use in your projects. You can also use smart filter effects with the layer effects if you have converted the fill layers as a smart object. You can also use the designs with the fill command in Photoshop and apply them combined with scripts and the scripts mean you can create brick fills as well as random fills with the artworks and the results can be used to create millions of unique backgrounds and overlays and meshes and textures and more. You can also re-color the generated artwork as well as combine the result of multiple fills. The tiles can also be stored in the creative cloud library for instant access. You can simply open the artwork and then drag the designs into the creative cloud. The grid patterns can also be used with fill content and layer effects and that can also be saved to the creative cloud. The creative cloud presets are therefore safely backed up for future use in your projects. How were the graphics in these sets created ? They were all created by in applications such as Illustrator and the result of the vector designs were then saved to PNG format files for use in many different applications. The artworks can also be opened and used as other presets such as brushes and displacements and textures. To use them as a brush then simply open the PNG file in Photoshop and then go to the define command in the edit menu and define the current image or perhaps part of the tile (you don't have to select the entire design) and then use that as a new stroke. You can also apply effects to the opened tile and then define that as a new brush stroke. As for the displacement maps, simply open the PNG files supplied in the set and then save the artworks as a PSD file and as a PSD file the tiles can be used with tools such as glass and displace found in the Photoshop filters menu (again, if you wish to do the same in other applications such as Affinity Photo then the tiles need to be opened and converted to a supported format). You can create amazing 3D grid pattern designs using the powerful 3D menu - you can create any number of 3D models in Photoshop from the artworks and these can then be imported into other 3D applications and used as OBJ files such as in Poser. You can also use the seamless layout / tabular designs as a background or bump map or texture in the same tools. You can open any of the Photoshop grid pattern tiles in PNG format and then simply use the save command of many applications to save them as a new format such as TIFF and JPG and GIF etc You can also import the designs into tools such as Illustrator and then use tools such as the image trace and convert the artworks into tiles for use in Illustrator or perhaps as a shape or symbol and more. Literally millions of unique designs can be created using these tiles


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