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3D extrusions from custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial

3d extrusion from selected photoshop custom shapes

3D extrusions from custom shapes in Photoshop CC 2017 2015 etc tutorial. You can create all kinds of 3D models using custom shapes as a layer. Select the custom shapes tool in the toolbar and use as a shape layer. The shape layer can then be converted into 3D via the 3D menu extrusion commands. You can then modify the extrusion as well as rotate the 3D shape model. You can also duplicate the 3D shape as well as group the 3D custom shapes via the 3D panel in Photoshop. You can also export the 3D custom shape extrusion from Photoshop. You can export it as OBJ etc format and use it in applications such as Poser, 3D Studio Max etc. You can also use the 3D model / extrusion from the custom shape as a layer or render in Photoshop. You can also render it as a sketch design (among others). This tutorial shows a number of ways of using 3D extrusions from custom shapes in Photoshop

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  1. Select the custom shape tool

  2. Create a shape layer using a selected shape

  3. Go to the 3D menu in Photoshop

  4. New 3D extrusion from selected layer

  5. Modify the 3D extrusion

To create a 3D extrusion from a custom shape in Photoshop, you must first select the custom shape tool and then the shape option set to shape layer and then select the custom shape (there are 1000s of custom shapes on this site and all can be used to create fascinating 3D models such as the shapes collections

Properties and extrusion are the key panels for the 3D extrusions in Photoshop with layers

extrusion panels for shapes and Photoshop 3DThe key panels are the properties and the 3D panel and also the various 3D controls to modify the rotation, scale etc.

  1. 3D panel

  2. Select the shape 1 or shape in the 3D and then the properties panel (see the properties panel on the left) will change to show the extrusion as well as many other options such as deform and cap etc to modify the 3D shape extrusion in many different ways (or just apply a preset).

  3. change the extrusion depth (I am always re-setting this and it is a pity there is no preference to set the default extrusion as I prefer something like 300 instead of 2000+ or whatever Photoshop sets)

  4. Go to the 3D mode at the top of the application and select the rotate, roll etc to change the position and angle of the 3D model

3D panel and custom shapes extrusions and duplicating objects to create more complex models

3D extrusions and two shapes in Photoshop This panel is great for taking a 3D extrusion custom shape and then duplicating the existing shape and then grouping the custom shape (perhaps with a different extrusion and angle and scaling etc of the 3D extrusion custom shape)

  1. Select the shape 1 (or whatever you have renamed it to) in the 3D panel

  2. Rotate etc using the 3D mode features of Photoshop

  3. Right click the shape 1 and select the duplicate objects. You will now notice that you have two 3D extrusion custom shapes (the same at the moment)

  4. Go to the shape 2 and then properties panel

  5. Change the extrusion for that custom shape in Photoshop

  6. Go to the 3D mode and select rotate, scale etc and drag etc and move the 3D extrusion

Grouping custom shapes extrusions - you can group the 3D layers in many different ways

extrusion and grouping of shapes 3D models in Photoshop

You can group the 3D layers.

  1. Create shape using shape tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. 3D menu

  3. New 3D extrusion from layer

  4. Rotate etc

  5. Go to the 3D panel

  6. Right click the 3D shape

  7. Duplicate objects

  8. Drag the two entries for the shape together in the 3D panel

  9. Go to the second shape and shift it and rotate it etc

  10. Select both entries in the 3D panel

  11. Right click

  12. Group objects

You will now have a group of 3D shapes. You now can use the lights, camera etc to move around them as well as render

Export 3D layer - you don't need to keep the custom shape layer / 3D extrusion only in Photoshop - export as OBJ etc

export 3D layer to other applications custom shapes in PhotoshopOnce you have created your 3D extrusion custom shape, you can now export the 3D layer and save it to a number of formats for use in other applications such as poser


such as Flash 3D, DAE format, OBJ format etc. All kinds of weird and wonderful as well as really detailed 3D designs can be created and grouped. I would have to say, a full blown 3D application is not but it is still possible to create some amazing 3D designs (perhaps not just using a few custom shapes)


Of course, you do not need to use the custom shape 3D extrusion in other applications, you can also use the layer in Photoshop

  1. 3D menu

  2. Export 3D layer

  3. Select OBJ

Use the 3D shape extrusion in Photoshop such as adding amazing effects to the 3D model such as oil paint

3D extrusion custom shapes layer photoshop and rasterize adjustment layers

You can render etc the 3D artwork

  1. 3D menu

  2. render 3D layer

Or just go to another layer in the layer panel and use the 3D extrusion custom shape as a normal layer and add effects to it, add additional custom shapes, add adjustment layers to re-color the work and more.

  1. Select 3D layer in Photoshop CC

  2. Rasterize layer or 3D

  3. Use the artwork as a normal layer

Or just use the layer menu and flatten etc


You can use the 3D models with tools such as the analog efex pro 2

Sketch render - you can turn any custom shape layer / 3D model into a pencil or sketched design in seconds

Go to the other properties sections to change the styles etc for the model in the scene such as sketch style

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