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Outline custom shapes for Photoshop & Elements

Outline shapes for Photoshop CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. Many different frame and outline vector shapes are included in the set. The outline shapes are all for commercial as well as personal use, all are royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. The artworks can be all used via the custom shapes tool in the Photoshop toolbar as well as via the cookie cutter and shapes tool in Photoshop elements as well as the shape blur tool in Photoshop. You can re-color the artworks. You can combine them in 1000s of ways. You can use them with blending modes and opacity as well as effects and adjustment layers. You can use the outline custom shapes as a great source for 3D models which can be exported for use in other applications. The outline designs can be edited and modified in numerous ways as well as exported for use in Illustrator and After Effects etc. On purchase of the outline custom shapes, you receive the CSH files along with documentation and gallery and serial.



BUY $7.79 (also GBP, etc) ** 100 Outline shapes CSH (V132) Outline custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements


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