Ringlet custom shapes

Ringlet custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2018 - CS5 etcand Elements.

Ringlet shapes


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 100 Ringlet custom shapes CSH ringlet custom shapes for Photoshop and elements


They are in standard CSH format (most recent format) and are vectors for any size of work so you can use the Photoshop ringlet custom shape designs with posters and billboards as well as icons and anything in between (and they remain super sharp as they are vectors). The artworks include many different radial / circular / frame designs for all kinds of work. They are for use in commercial as well as personal work. They are all royalty free, all by graphicxtras.com, all are by Andrew Buckle. You can use the artworks to create items for sale + books + posters + web pages + documents + frames + backgrounds + brushes + mugs + ceramics + plates + videos + fashions + fabrics and much more. You can set them to any color (though this does depend how you apply them so if you use them as a layer then you can set the layer to solid colors as well as gradients and patterns but if you set them as a fill then you can only set them to a solid color but you can then also add gradients and patterns as well as effects and brush strokes to that). You can use the ringlet Photoshop custom shapes with effects so you can add halftone effects and liquify filters and camera raw filters to the artwork as well as any thirdy party plugins such as the Nik plugins from Google and many more (you can also find 180 plugins available on this site and they all work amazingly well with the vector shapes). You can use them as a great source for brushes and patterns and more by simply applying the ringlet Photoshop shapes once or multiple times in any color and then selecting the design and then using the edit menu define command. They are for use on the pc and mac. Find out more via our graphicxtras.com / youtube Video tutorials about how to use them and how to load them (there are over 2000+ video tutorials on our channe). You can find a lot of information about the vector artworks via the tutorials link at the top of the page. All the Photoshop ringlet custom shapes are easy to open and use in Photoshop and elements simply by going to the custom shapes tool and preset panel and loading and replacing the designs (or just using the preset manager). On purchase of the ringlet custom shapes you will be sent the CSH set along with notes and gallery and serial via a download link sent from shareit.com



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