How to brighten a layer in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to brighten a Photoshop layer in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Brighten a layer in Photoshop

adjustments brigthen layers in photoshop
  1. Go to the Photoshop layers panel to select layer to brighten

  2. Layer menu and new adjustment layer category

  3. Levels

  4. Add a name and click OK

  5. Go to the properties panel (levels settings)

  6. Select the "lighter" preset to brighten the layer in Photoshop

  7. Go to the first slider bar / histogram

  8. Right side slider (highlight input slider) and move to the left to brighten the layer

Change adjustments : propertiesThe great thing about adjustments is that they can be changed at any point so if you want to change the setting and make the image even lighter or perhaps slightly darker then you can select the entry in the panel and display the properties panel (if this is not visible, go to the window menu and properties). You can then either select one of the presets again or you can modify the highlight input slider setting it to 230 or 220 etc. Set it closer and closer to 0 and the image will perhaps be totally lost.


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Masks : ripplesIf you want to only apply the modification to one part of the image then you can use the mask in the panel (select that) and then apply a gradient or brush stroke or shape etc in black or gray to control the level applied. The area of the mask with more white will be lighter.


You can use gradients etc to create ripples across the image such as on the right. The key thing here is that the underlying artwork is totally untouched and can be changed in seconds via the mask thumbnail


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