How to create a rainbow in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create a quick rainbow in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Create rainbow in Photoshop

create rainbow in Photoshop how to
  1. Open document or Photoshop new document for the creation of the rainbow

  2. Select gradient tool in Photoshop toolbar

  3. Goto the gradient presets picker and click and select the "transparent rainbow" (reset the gradients if this is not available via the right side menu)

  4. Move the opacity and color stops on the right away from their 100% position and shift the other stops so the colors are still equally spaced for the rainbow

  5. Click the radial gradient type (adjacent to the gradient presets picker) - perfect for rainbow creation

  6. Click the reverse box (the rainbow gradient is actually the reverse of a normal gradient)

  7. Layer menu and new layer

  8. Draw the gradient filling the entire document

  9. Shift created layer to required position

  10. Filter menu and blurs and gaussian blur (set value as required)

  11. Set opacity to 50% for the layer via layers panel (blending to overlay perhaps)

  12. Layer menu and layer mask and reveal all

  13. Select the layer mask icon (adjacent to layer thumbnail in layers panel)

  14. Set foreground color to black

  15. Select the rectangle tool

  16. Draw a black rectangle in the layer mask cutting off the bottom half of the colorful design - that can vary to how much of the art you want to remove

Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


You now have a design that you can save to the CC library and re-use in your projects in CC 2018 2017 etc.


Using gradient fill content : gradientAnother way to produce the design would be to use the gradient in fill content via the layer menu. Select the same GRD preset as before and apply the reverse option in the content panel. You can change the scaling as well as the position of the origin and you can also modify the stops by clicking the preset editor. Click OK. You now have a single layer which can be used with any background, solid color or image.


Now convert into a smart object via the layer menu. Layer menu and layer mask and reveal all and go to the mask thumbnail in the panel and apply a black pixel rectangle to the bottom half of the gradient.


As the layer is stored as a smart object is can be updated at any point to change the transparency. You can also alter the mask at any time to fit in with any image


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Multiple curves : doubleYou can create a double effect in the sky simply by duplicating the fill content. Duplicate the layer. To make the effect look more convincing it is probably best to add some opacity to the first layer and set that to 50% and the second and larger layer set to 20% as you want the other color design to be fainter. Increase the size of the second layer but then go and edit the stops (the reason to create it as a smart object as this makes editing a whole lot easier).


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