How to create star shapes in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create star shapes in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc

Create / make star shape

How to create star shapes in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Open document in Photoshop for the star shape

  2. Goto to the rectangle tool (and select the polygon tool - a sub tool of the rectangle)

  3. Set the option such as shape layer as well as color for the star

  4. Goto to the polygon options (top bar of Photoshop)

  5. Set the star option ON and set the sides (12 etc)

  6. Create star shape in Photoshop by dragging from center of document

  7. The above creates only a single artwork


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Create multiple paths : multipleYou can create multiple objects as well. Keep the polygon tool selected. Apply the design in different locations as well as different sizes.


Change color of the artwork (make certain that you create it as a layer).


Make size different by length of drag and release.


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Modify the design : combineYou can also change any of the generated artworks by using the curvature tool or the pen tool etc


You can also use features such as combine command in the layers menu to add additional paths to the points or perhaps subtract from the center of the artwork to create a hollow design.


You can add circles to the design to create a mottled artwork or frame the design as well to create a sheriff badge


Duplicate the artwork : hollowYou can duplicate the layer by using the layer menu and duplicate command and then use the edit menu and transform command to scale the path (perhaps set the width and height to 140% of the original layer)


Select both of the artwork layers and then go to the layer menu and combine command and use the subtract shapes at overlap and you will create a quick hollow design


You can create multiple layers and do the same to create a contour design from the artwork


Properties panel and fills etc : propertiesYou can also create all kinds of stroke themed designs by creating the artwork and then using the properties panel and setting the fill to nothing and the stroke to 10px


You can also add a dash style for the stroke to create a dotted design in seconds or create thin lines or spots and much more.


You can set the fill for the created star's fill to colors as well as gradients or patterns


Settings : indentThere are also settings for the vector design so if you want, you can change

sides - create more points for the design

indent sides to create more intense or rounded designs

smooth indents (curved)

smooth corners (for more flower like designs)


Intense : indentYou can create all kinds of intense designs by using a very high indent setting


Go to the options and set the indent sides by to 80% or more. In the image on the right, the number of sides has been set to 37 to create an intense design




Wavy : wavyYou can create a more smooth rounded design by selecting the smooth indents and smooth corners option and setting the indent to 20 or so - more like a rippled design / wavy design as well


Pen tool : randomYou can also create a design using the pen tool. You can use the pen to create a more random design. Suggest using the view menu and show and show grid and then click on the grid to create the artwork. Or use guides via the same menu such as new guide layout and 20 x 20.


Click close to the center and then click out near the edge of the document and go back to close to the start position and click again and then go out from that inner part of the design to the outer part and click close to the edge or beyond the edge of the document. Repeat the same steps until you go back to the start point.


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