How to create a diagonal straight line in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to make a diagonal line in Photoshop. Use the line tool found in the Photoshop toolbar.

Create a straight diagonal line

photoshop straight line diagonal tutorial how to
  1. Select the line tool in the Photoshop toolbar

  2. Set the color to black (or white or green etc)

  3. Set to shape layer option and set weight to 10px for the Photoshop diagonal straight line

  4. Go to the bottom left corner of image

  5. Draw diagonally

  6. Hold shift to constrain angle to 45 degrees diagonal

  7. Draw to top right

  8. Release mouse

  9. Flatten


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


The key tool is the line tool found in the toobar beneath the rectangle / rounded rectangle tool. Hold the shift key to constrain to 45 degrees or 90


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Instead of drawing from bottom left etc, go to the bottom right and draw the tool upwards to the top left. Of course, you don't need to start in the corner as you can set the origin at any point in the image and draw diagonally upwards or down etc


The image on the right, the artwork have been repeated with different start points and end points but always with the same shift key pressed to constrain the angle to 45 degrees. The color and weight was changed for each application.


A great way to create all kinds of parallel designs. You can go to the layers panel and select all the layers and then go to the layer menu and select the combine shapes command and unite shapes. You will then see all the vector artwork join together and become a single parallel design.


Another approach is to use the pen tool. Set the shape layer option and set the stroke to black or a solid color. Set a weight for the design.


You can also set a dash style such as dots. Click in the bottom left and then hold the shift down and move to the top right and click and then release the mouse.


You now have a dotted design from left to right


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