How to create / draw a triangle in Photoshop tutorial

How to make / create / draw a triangle in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Create a triangle in Photoshop

How to create / draw a triangle in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select the polygon tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Select the shape layer option

  3. Set the color of the triangle

  4. De-select the star option in the polygon options

  5. Sides set to 3

  6. Draw the triangle by dragging from the origin point

  7. Rotate the triangle in Photoshop as required

  8. Flatten


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)



You can use the polygon tool to draw a new artwork.


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Polygon tool three sides : black pointSelect polygon tool and the sides set to 3. You can set the color to solid color as well as gradient and patterns as well as a stroke / stroke weight.


Select polygon tool in toolbar.


Set the star option to NO. Sides to three. Select shape option and draw.


Set color for artwork : fillSet the color of the new artwork as required. You can set the color to a gradient or solid color via the properties.


If you are using an older version of PS then you may have to flatten the artwork and select and then fill with a gradient or pattern. You can also simply add a color overlay or gradient overlay via layer styles in the layer menu

Duplicate art : multipleYou can duplicate the artwork by using the alt / option key and shifting the art. You can repeat this to make multiple numbers of artworks in a row or perhaps a grid of the designs or fill the document with random sized art


Outline approach : outlineAnother option - Make / draw a stroke using the polygon tool and the stroke to black. Select polygon tool in toolbar. Set the star option to NO. Sides to 3. Select shape option.


Draw the required design and go to the properties panel in the window menu and then set the fill to no color and set a color for the path's stroke.


You can then add different dot and dash styles to the stroke to create some truly unique three sided designs


Pen tool approach : pen toolMake a shape using pen tool.


Go to the view menu. Show grid (makes it easier to create the design) or use guides.


Select pen tool in toolbar. Set to shape layer option. Set fill to black. Set to stroke to no color. Click pen tool in top left corner. Click pen tool in middle bottom. Click pen tool in top right corner. Click back to the first point.


Resize bounding box. Set color of the the vector artwork as required as well add a stroke


Direct selection tool to modify art : penAll kinds of different shapes can be made by using the pen tool.


You can also select the artwork and select an anchor point with the direct selection tool and then shift the individual points.


You can repeat this with the other points to create many different unique designs


Transform art : transformOnce you have your vector three sided artwork you can use tools such as the transform and apply perspective and distort as well as shear to create all kinds of graphics from the same basic artwork.


The artwork can be transformed using warps as well


Save your work : defineYou can also drag the artwork into the CC libraries and save it for future use or use the edit menu and define command to define it as a new preset for future use


If you are using an older version of PS, you will have no library feature in that case you can just save it to a PSD file or use the define approach


Add styles : stylesYou can also add styles to the artwork to make all kinds of metallic etc designs via the layer styles panel


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