How to subtract shapes in Photoshop tutorial

subtractHow to subtract shapes in Photoshop tutorial


Create the first shape using shape tools in Photoshop as a layer. Goto to the top bar. Click the "subtract from shape area" button. Draw another shape to be subtracted from the previous art. Repeat subtract shape using another design. Return to normal by clicking the new shape layer button. You can now see that you have removed from the original artwork


Video tutorial on the subject of subtracting designs by (youtube)


layerYou can repeat the subtraction multiple times. You can also see the result of the operation in the layers panel thumbnail.


You can now apply all kinds of changes etc to the new design


CC 2018 etc : topNow it has been renamed to 'subtract front shape' with CC 2018 etc. Create a new layer and then go to the top bar and then de-select that layer (if you have it selected and then go to the command the layer will invert).


Once you have de-selected it, go to the command you want in the list (third one in the list) and then go back to the layer you want to use and select and now add the new vector design to the layer and you will see the design cut from the original path. You can then repeat this until you go back to the new layer option


propertiesYou can also do much the same via the properties panel. Create a new layer and then go to the properties panel. Keep selected and go to the top bar and select the combine. Create new design and that will be combined or united with the previous art on the same layer. Now go to the properties panel and click the 2nd button in the path operations and you will see the art cut from the original design.


Add a new path and repeat same click as before and that will be removed from the design.


menuCreate more than one layer with the ellipse / rectangle etc tool. Create another as a new layer and so on. Go to the layers panel and select them all. Layers menu and combine shapes and 2nd menu to remove the designs from the first layer.


rightYou can also do the same as above via the right click on the layers in the artboard and select the subtract front command.


You can then also define it as a new preset via the top command in the menu



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