How to use effects modes in Andrew's Plugins tutorial

Learn how to use the powerful effects modes feature in the Andrew's Plugins

Effects modes in Andrew's Plugins

effects modes for the Andrews plugins how to use
  1. Filter menu for Photoshop or psp etc

  2. AP Threshold

  3. Threshold - color lite (all the plugins have the effect modes but I have chosen color lite)

  4. Goto to the effects modes combo

  5. Select 'shift subtle' for a subtle distortion

  6. Change the effects mode (EM) setting to the maximum to distort the image

  7. Click OK

    color design

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


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The EM can be found in the middle of the dialog and are linked to the mode slider. The higher the mode slider will result, the greater the amount of blur and smear and noise will be taken from the source filter


If you use the EM, the filter is applied as a blur or sepia etc and not as the actual filter


Basic mode - (this is the default) and just applies the tool as is and doesn't use it as a source for anything


Tone mode - uses the EM to modify the tone of an image


Shift subtle - uses the EM to create a subtle distortion / paint like


Shift extreme - painted / colorful distorted results


Shift horizontal - uses the EM to create horizontal distortion of the image


Cutoff mode - uses the EM as a threshold for the image


Cutoff1 - a variant threshold


Smear - uses the EM to smear / blurry smear the image


Horizontal blur - uses the EM to blur the image horizontally


Blur color - uses the EM to blur but blurs with emphasis on color


Smear color - uses the EM to smear and color the artwork


Smeary color - a variant of the smear color but more extreme


Smear horizontal - horizontal smear applied to an image


Old smear - a sepia smearing / vintage sepia added to the image


Gray - a variant smearing but this time grayscale


Overlay - a colorful result heavily depending on the EM setting


Grain - a noise added to the image


Jitter - a variant grain / noise


Doubled / Doubled2 - color modification


The result of the EM settings and dropdown can vary depending on the strength and setting and the image itself. Sometimes the results will be magical but in many cases, you can only push the image so far


The extreme button does not randomize the mode related settings


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