Plus brushes

Plus brushes / patterns / shapes for Photoshop, psp, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW, Illustrator etc.

They are all for pc and mac. You can use the artworks in commercial and personal projects. All are royalty free. All plus brushes are by / Andrew Buckle. No time limits on their use are imposed. You can use them once or multiple times in all your projects. You can use them to create books, illustrations, documents, fashions, textiles, packaging, video productions, letters, items for sale on zazzle, wallpaper, backgrounds, textiles, ties, t-shirts, posters, record covers and much more. The plus brushes include weird designs, rounded artworks, separated designs, sparks, crosses, retro art, button designs, shadowed work, mottled artwork, basic graphics, rows and repeats, contoured designs - see all the graphics included in the set via the browse link with the product description. You can use them as a source for strokes, simply import the design and then use the edit menu define command. If you wish to use them as patterns, you can do the same and use the edit menu define pattern. This does vary from application to application so if you wish to use them as fills in Affinity Photo, access them via the gradient tool and apply as a bitmap pattern. You can convert the EPS artworks to PNG format as well as PSD and then use them as an amazing set of displacements and glass distortions and textures etc. You can use them as a great source for 3D artworks in PS by using the extruding or plane depth tools etc. You can use the artworks with tools such as effects and filters and adjustments. You can modify the art in 1000s of ways to create many new and unique plus themed artwork. You can also add to the art simply by adding new paths to the work or perhaps subtracting from the work or painting on the shapes etc. You can repeat the art over and over. You can edit the original source material by using a tool such as Inkscape (a free vector editor tool) or tools such as Illustrator and Affinity Designer. All the graphics included in the set were created in Illustrator and were exported as EPS files for maximum use. The plus brushes (for Photoshop and elements) are all supplied in vector EPS format and are all vectors for any size of work. You can import the EPS files as normal files and use them as images as well as layers and combine them in millions of ways in your work


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