How to use rosette tool in Illustrator tutorial

How to use the rosette plugin / filter (part of the Kimbo set of Illustrator plugins) in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Rosette filter tool in Illustrator

rosette tool in Illustrator plugin kimbo how to
  1. Create a path for the rosette tool

  2. Go to the Illustrator toolbar

  3. Select the rosette tool (found beneath mirror tool)

  4. Select origin point on artboard for the rosette

  5. Rotate rosette tool

  6. Double click the rosette tool to modify settings such as cut to OFF

  7. Set number of lobes

  8. Apply


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Multiple use : iconYou don't have to use the tool just once. You can use the tool multiple times with the same path and build a very complex path design in AI.


You can also combine the plugin with other tools in Kimbo as well as other effects in AI


Sadly the tool is not recorded in the actions panel.


Use with: single paths

multiple paths

expanded type

expanded symbols



Basic use: typeYou can place the origin point for the tool anywhere. You can then rotate the divider lobes in anyway and you will see the paths updated.


One issue with the tool is that often leaves splits in the path but this should be avoided by using the cut to OFF


If you wish to use it with type then you have to use the object menu to expand the type and then use it with the tool. If you use the tool with normal type, it is just ignored. To use it with type does require a little trial and error and I have found it works best with setting the origin point at the far left middle of the type


Settings for tool : panelThe settings for the powerful plugin tool for AI


The cut option is for clipping


The mirror option is for a mirror effect (quite nice)


Lobes - you can modify the number of lobes also via the arrow keys


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