How to create glowing fibers / strands in Photoshop tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to create glowing fibers / strands in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Create glowing fibers / strands

how to create glowing strands fibers filter photoshop maximum filter
  1. Create a new document in Photoshop for the glowing fibers / strands

  2. Set the color of the foreground to blue or red

  3. Set the background to white (key)

  4. Filter menu and render and fibers command.

  5. Set the variance and strength as you wish but make certain you can see a fair amount of white in the strands.

  6. You can click the randomize button to randomize the results of the fibers / strands

  7. You can then go to the foreground and change the color to red or green etc and

  8. Go back to the fibers filter and click the randomize

  9. Click OK and then go to the edit menu and fade.

  10. Select the blending mode to darken or hard light etc - make certain there is some white in the result


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


Of course, you could also have a colorful background before you even start with the filter and add effects such as linear and radial gradients to the work and then use the filter with the fade command and again use different blending modes to blend the results. Now use the maximum filter along with oil paint


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Maximum filter for the sparkle : You can use the xaximum filter to add a sparkly effect to the art. You can find the maximum filter in the other menu. Set the radius to a low value. If you set the value to high, you will just end up with pure white. Set the preserve option to roundness to create sparkles (if you don't, the result will be chunky square blocks instead)


The maximum filter adds the required sparkle but the actual result depends on the previous colors and document etc - you should be able to use this approach to get something like the glistening effect to the right


oil paint and strands and fibers filterSmear the design using oil paint : To smear the result of the earlier filters, go to the Filter menu and stylize and oil paint.

Set the stylization and cleanliness to maximum and ignore the rest and then click apply. A more smeary effect than before.


Vibrance : Add some more color back into the image by using the image menu and adjustments and vibrance. Use fairly high settings with the vibrance adjustment. After applying the adjustment, go to the filter menu and apply an additional maximum filter at a low value of radius. You may wish to apply multiple applications of that filter at low value to add more sparkle to the image.


Save the artwork : maximum filter and glowing strands photoshopYou can now save the artwork to the CC library for future uses as a background or overlay etc. You can also turn the design into a texture by using the black and white adjustment. You can also tweak the effect further by using color lookup in the adjustments menu.


The camera raw filter is another useful tool to manipulate the sparkles of the design and bring out even more color or add shadows etc to the design. You can find the camera raw filter via the filter menu


invertInvert the design : Invert adjustment for the image. Actually, sometimes the best and weirdest colorful art can be generated by using the Image menu and Adjustment and then Invert.


You can then go to the HDR toning or use the maximum filter again with a low setting


Great for all kinds of slimy looking designs


As with any work, there are many possible variations that can be applied to the glowing strands and the result itself can be then repeated and combined using blending modes perhaps with transformations and combined with gradients etc


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