How to use channels and Affinity Photo filters tutorial

How to use channels in Affinity Photo with filters to create amazing effects in seconds.

Channels and Affinity Photo filters

how to use color channels and affinity photo and filters
  1. View menu in Affinity Photo

  2. Studio

  3. Channels

  4. Select composite red etc and apply filter in that channel

  5. Select composite green etc

  6. filter menu and apply effect to green etc


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can use the red and green and blue separately and add effects to them



Open a document in Affinity Photo and then go to the channel panel View menu and studio and channels if it is not available).


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Once you have the panel displayed, you will notice a number of panel entries such


Composite red

Composite green

Composite blue

Composite alpha and a number of others depending on the document


To reset back to RGB, click the little circular reset at the top of the panel to bring them all back online.


color effectsYou can use the effects in the red or green etc as well as the blue etc independently.


Go to the panel


Select red


So now, go to the equations editor (or blur etc) and then you will see the equations editor panel. Using the default coordinate system and set extend mode to wrap and the x= to x+500 etc (half of the current size of the document, I don't know if there is an equations constant for the document width) and then you will see the image shift in the red only half way and wrap half way. Click apply.


Now select the composite green in the panel. Go to the equations editor and instead of using x+500 etc, set the y= value and set to y+500 etc (depending on the height of the document and half of that). Again, select wrap and then click apply


Go to the composite blue. Go back to the equations editor and now click the polar option and wrap and set the r= to r+200 and then go back to RGB


There is also an entry in the panel for pixel selection which is very useful as it enables you to create masks / selections by clicking the little icon 'toggle quick mask'. You can then apply brush strokes etc to the quick mask and then also add the equation editor or radial effects to the mask and them toggle the quick mask for a fairly unique selection for use in your work in seconds.


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