How to create guides from Photoshop shapes tutorial

How to create quick guides from shapes in Photoshop CC. A super useful feature for PS

Create guides from Photoshop shapes

how to create guides using shapes in Photoshop
  1. Select custom shape tool and select a preset from Photoshop presets panel

  2. Set to layer option in Photoshop

  3. View menu

  4. New guides from shape command

The guide lines generated will be based on the dimensions of the selected art (it can be more than one).


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


To use the command, you can use CSH designs as well as vector designs as well as ellipses and stars and polygons etc but the key thing is that you are using the items as shapes. It does not work with the path or pixel option if just used as a background.


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The feature also works with type so create a type layer and then go to the view menu and select the same command and the lines will be generated. It also works if you create area text including many paragraphs of text. The generated lines again match the dimensions of that box


menu commandThe feature also works with a standard raster layer as well so select a normal layer and re-size to smaller than the document and then go to the menu command and generate the same lines.


You can select one or multiple vector artworks. Select the vector layers you want via the document or via the layers panel. Go to the view menu and the command (at the bottom of the menu) Select "New guides from ..." command.


It does not matter how irregular or weird the vector layer design is, the dimensions are all that matter and the lines will be added based on the top and left and bottom and right of the artwork. For each artwork you will see four generated lines that can then be used and moved and deleted as required


If you have added a stroke to the selected vector artwork then the stroke is also used for the dimensions so if you set a huge stroke, the result will be lines touching a long way from the original artwork.


linesThey are a useful feature of Photoshop for aligning layers as well as placing objects.


All kinds of complex designs can be created (sadly the lines cannot be turned into paths themselves)


You can also just click on to the lines and move them manually though that defuncts the actual relationship to the original artwork


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