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Andrew's Vector Plugins - Illustrator Plugins (For CS5 CS4 etc)

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021


BEST Illustrator plugins / Plug-ins inc. perspective, zigzag, stars, hearts, spirals, polygons PC and MAC

Illustrator plugins for Adobe Illustrator - note, NONE are for the most recent versions of Illustrator PC or MAC !

£6.50 GBP (Approx $7.50, 7.25 Euros, 900 Yen, 11.70 AUS etc) - AIP format


BUY Creation : Stained glass, windmill, duplications and more V1 Five plugins for Adobe ® Illustrator


BUY Color Path : Table, Edge, Spiral, Color Effects V2 Six Illustrator plugins for Adobe Illustrator


BUY Two Powerful Gradient Plugins for Adobe Illustrator V3.


BUY Multi toolbox: Grid, Mesh, windmill, Paint and others V4


BUY Zigzag Toolbox : Borders, Dividers etc V5. Superb zigzag plugin for Adobe Illustrator to create millions of zigzag path designs in unique style


BUY Perspective Grid plugin 1pt / 2pt guideline creator V6.


BUY Vectorwand: Paint On Effects Toolbox V7. Toolbox to paint on selected effects includes 19 tools with multiple options.


BUY Symbol painting tool : paint with shapes, images, text V8. Plugin to paint with symbols, spray and splatter and more


BUY Background / extreme textures tool V9 Background and texture generator plugin for Adobe Illustrator (using symbols)


BUY Shapes / symbols (Manipulate symbols) V10 Toolkit similar to V4 but instead of using paths etc, the plugin uses symbols in many unique ways


BUY Shape FX Creation and Warp tool V12


BUY Spiral Tool V13 Use the spiral plugin for Adobe Illustrator to create a vast range of unique spiral designs


BUY Star Cauldron tool / star creation extreme V14 Use the star plugin for Adobe Illustrator to create millions of unique star designs in seconds


BUY Heart plugin V15 Use the heart plugin for Adobe Illustrator to create a vast range of hearts


BUY Mesh (and Warp) tool / Paint and gradient mesh effects V16


BUY Pattern / swatch Manipulation tool for AI V17


BUY Scaling / contour-like effects V18


BUY Points Manipulation effects (warping / distortion) V19


BUY Random touch : Spray, Pyramid, noise plugin etc V20


BUY Layers (Transform, Scale, Rotate) V21. Layer plugins to apply a variety of unusual transformations on Illustrator paths in layers


BUY Star Burst tool : amazing star effects V22 Use the star plugin to create all kinds of unique Illustrator starburst designs


BUY Zoom Lines Effect Manga Themed / bursts and blasts V23 Plugin for focus / effects lines / zoom lines


BUY Connect tool : grid / lattice / connections / structures V#24 Illustrator plugin to create 1000s of unique grids and lattice designs and structures


BUY Rain tool / spray and tangles V25 Line and rain and orbital spray plugin for Adobe Illustrator


BUY Line Toolbox V26 - Multi-line Curves Line tools Line set includes 13 AI tools in one


Installation of the AIP files

They are easy to install, place the AIP files into the Illustrator plugins folder

Illustrator plugins testimonials

testimonial tools for graphicxtras from D J Newman