Free Spiral plugin for Illustrator

spiral plugin tool for Illustrator CC 2017 etc for paths and designs

Spiral plugin tool for Illustrator CC 2017 Mac for all kinds of spirals via the toolbo . Spiral plugin freebie for Illustrator CC 2017. This free spiral plugin is for use on the mac. It is a powerful spiral tool that appears in the Illustrator toolbar beneath the line segment tool. It can be used to create all kinds of unusual spiral designs in Illustrator such as spiral doodle shapes, gap spiral shapes, distorted spiral shapes, intense spiral shapes. The spiral plugin tool comes with no settings but you can select either of the five spiral plugins that come with the free set. The freebie can be used to create millions of unique spiral designs / paths in Illustrator. The spiral plugin tool is easy to add to Illustrator. This tutorial shows the installation of the free spiral plugin in Illustrator and the basics of the spiral tools use. You can use the spirals with the brush tools as well as width profiles etc. It is free.

  1. Go to the line segment tool in the Illustrator toolbox

  2. Select one of the spiral tools in the group (abstract etc)

  3. Set the color of the fill and stroke

  4. Apply on the Illustrator artboard

Basics of the spiral - five amazing spiral plugin effects in one single plugin tool

spiral plugin tool for Illustrator

Illustrator brushes to purchase

$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, AI format, download


BUY 16,000 Illustrator brushes / Strokes from which works super well with the spiral plugin AI Illustrator brushes collection

Spiral plugin set with five amazing spiral tools from graphicxtras, free tool set for the mac. The new spiral plugin tool is built on the original code for earlier spiral tool from graphicxtras but it is not the same, it works via the toolbox now. It is a free plugin as well and at the present, more an experimental form and will be extended with new tools as well at some point. It is also only for the mac at the moment and at some point, the PC


Anyway, the key thing is for you to download the plugin if you wish to use it and you can find it via our updates section


FREE download of the spiral plugin set for Illustrator CC 2017 etc


The plugin creates spiral themed designs / paths in 1000s of different forms via five tools included in the set (all in a single AIP plugin). The tool can be found beneath the line segment tool in Illustrator. It is part of a series of Andrew's Vector Plugins.


It is an experimental plugin and will have its odd quirks and ways of doing things but I think you will find it can generate quite a lot of different and unusual as well as basic spiral paths.

Installation of the spiral plugin - very quick and easy to add the spiral plugin to Illustrator

Please place the plugin AIP file in

  1. go the finder on the mac

  2. go to folder command and type ~/Library

  3. Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator 21 > en_GB (or US etc) > Plug-ins

  4. Start Illustrator

  5. Go to the spiral tool section in the toolbar

Start point with the first spiral plugin tool - super easy to use and apply

  1. select the spiral tool plugin. That is the first one in the list

  2. set the colors to nil and black (for stroke)

  3. drag left to right on the artboard to create the spiral and change the size

  4. Release mouse to create final result

  5. hold down the shift and drag the spiral tool plugin in the artboard. You will notice that as you move leftwards that the number of spiral arms will vanish, the more you go right and you will see more spiral arms. Again, just release the mouse once you are happy (as on the right)

  6. Hold down the cmd to change the decay so you will get closer arms

  7. hold down the space to squeeze the center

  8. Hold down the option for a more square as well as creased spiral


There are other combinations as well as these will be listed in other tutorials (as well as probably a video or two).

You can also modify the spiral (post processing as it is a path) but you can modify it as you create it by holding down modifier keys such as shift, option key, cmd etc. The modification only lasts as long as you hold down the mouse and release and generate the new path. Once you re-select the spiral tool, it will go back to the default state (that may change at some point)

Abstract spiral plugin tool - use the spiral tool to create truly extreme path designs

spiral plugin and abstract shape designs in Illustrator

The other tools are even odder plugins tools such as the abstract spiral plugin which creates abstract lines / paths in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. You can also modify the abstract spiral plugin tool using the shift / cmd etc keys and they work in much the same way with the abstract spiral tool as the main tool. Perhaps with the abstract, the modifiers will be of less use. You can create countless abstract spiral designs simply by clicking the artboard and each generated spiral will be different from the last.


Of course, you can always use tools such as the join tool to join them together. Or click on the color tools to re-color the lines (the examples show them in black but you can have them in green etc or perhaps use them as a symbol or use them as a brush source or perhaps add a width profile or brush stroke to the lines. The right image shows a number of applies of the spiral tool plugin to create doodles and sketched designs.

Other tools in the spiral plugin set

spiral create plugin tool for Illustrator and random arm creation

There is a 'curved spiral' tool which creates subtle random jittered spiral designs.


'Spiral' create plugin tool which basically creates spiral arms or not (so you will see random gaps in the spiral design and distortions of the spiral to compensate (as the spiral is continuous).


The last spiral plugin tool is spiral gap tool and create spirals with a constant gap between the arms.


All the spiral plugins are modified in much the same way as the first tool with the modifiers such as space, cmd key etc


You can apply the plugins once or multiple times to create any number of paths as well as change the color of the paths, add effects to the lines and much more. They are just standard paths that can be modified by tools such as live effects to add blurs or zigzags etc to the spirals.

Other plugins

live effects added the spiral gap plugin for Illustrator

1. main Illustrator plugin collection

2. triradial swatches for Illustrator

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