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Plugins for Illustrator directory

Top Plugins and resources for Illustrator such as Astute graphics and other filters for CC 2017 etc


Illustrator has a vast number of plugins available (as well as scripts and extensions).

Illustrator plugins

1. Andrew's Vector Plugins including creation plugins, windmill tool, contour plugin etc The plugin sets are packed with 1000s of tools for use with Adobe Illustrator

2. CAD tools plugins - super useful CAD related tools from an excellent plugin developer

3. Best source for plugins for Illustrator - Adobe's huge database of plugins and filters and much more

4. Weave and fashion design software tool - super useful if you are in the fashion industry

5. Art blue plugin set on Amazon Canvas, have to say this is an amazing set and great if you have custom shapes

6. Symmetry works plugin for Illustrator. If you are into plugins for symmetry effects, pattern designs etc then this is the one to have

7. FilterIt plugin set - This was one of the first plugin sets that I used and it produces amazing designs, now updated to CC 2017

8. Telegraphics - nice selection of utility Illustrator plugins

9. VectorScribe - A superb selection of path manipulation / Illustrator plugins, probably some of the best around at the moment

10 Texturino - a useful texture adding tool for Illustrator paths from Astute Graphics

11. Stipplism - a super useful stipple effect as well as an awesome symbol related one (for amazing Illustrator plugin effects)

12. Kimbo - a nice mirror tool and polar mesh and rosette set as well as wave and rose tool effect and spike effect (also Tesselation tools)

13. Mesh tormentor Illustrator plugin for all kinds of amazing mesh effects

14. Rick Johnson's amazing collection of plugins with tools such as concatenate (and other path tools)

15. Xtream Path for some wonderful manipulation tools in Illustrator

16. KPT Vector effects - If you have an old version of Illustrator then KPT was an amazing set of plugins such as 3D tools and more

17. Foldup - an interesting tool for 3D designs, packaging etc

18. Fontself - super useful tool to make fonts in Illustrator



Used many of the plugins above, some work fine with Illustrator CC 2017 and 2015 etc but some have not been updated for a while


1. AI Scripts for a selection of tools such as crops for Illustrator

2. John's scripts such as Fleurify, Fractalize, arctwister etc

3. Rotate linear gradients - A really nice little tool to create some interesting gradient effects

4. Scriptographer - Really liked this tool, was a powerful toolkit for a lot of designs

Related books to Illustrator plugins

Illustrator filter finesse included a massive selection of filter tools back in the day before the Internet took off but it is still a fascinating book all the same


Please note that I cannot guarantee the links or any issues with the sites. Personally, they all seemed fine when I visited them and checked them out. Please let me know if you know of any great plugins and I will add them to the list (or at least check them out)