Video tutorials on Symbols / Shapes for Illustrator


How to add strokes tutorial (youtube)

Distorting them with envelopes (youtube)

Masks and shapes in Illustrator (youtube)

How to load the symbol libraries in Illustrator

Create 3D artwork from the artworks

Symbol stipplism plugin and random numbers

Creating effect lines tutorial

Using them with symmetrical designs

Creating a cross

Dynamic symbols and compound paths

Basic dynamic symbols

Stipplism and symbol variants

Basic symbol stipplism

Pen and pencil doodle tutorial

How to create a basic diamond

Extrusion live effects

Global swatches

Create from effects etc

Add quickly to the artboard

Flare tool

How to use them in Photoshop tutorial

Install folder

Use with artboard

How to add spotted pattern

Open symbol libraries

Width stamp plugin

Using type

To seamless tile swatches

Adding depth

Circles and Mirrorme plugin


Modifying vector shapes

Turning them into brushes

Rapid access

Display and replace them

Using them as brushes

Shadow styles

Stylism plugin

Opening them and using them

Changing color

perspective grid

Using them as backgrounds

Swatches to vector designs

Using fonts

Using them as a source for patterns


Add additional color

Using them as swatches

Mirrorme plugin

Loading into CS6 version

Diamond preview

Editing them (Christmas designs)

Add strokes to the artworks

Adding effects such as blurs

Modifying the color



Modifying in CS4 version

groups [youtube]




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