How to create intense circular background in Photoshop tutorial

halftone filter intense circle background in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a circle themed background using the Photoshop halftone filter in the filter gallery.


  1. Select the elliptical marquee tool in Photoshop

  2. Apply and hold the shift key down

  3. Release (you can make the selection as small or as big as required) or no selection for an entire background

  4. Set the foreground and background color such as black and green or black and white

  5. Filter menu and filter gallery

  6. Sketch section and halftone filter

  7. Select pattern type of circles and set the size and contrast (I am going for 4 and 37 respectively) for the intense circular background

  8. OK

  9. Copy and de-select and then paste a new layer with the halftone filter


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Duplication of art : multiple layersYou now have the result of the halftone filter as a layer and that can be duplicated


Select layer and Alt / option and duplicate the layer multiple times and shift these 'halftone filter' layers across the document. Select one layer and then edit and transform and scale. Re-size to two thirds of the original. Alt / option and duplicate multiple times. Repeat and re-size that re-sized layer of the halftone filter effect. Alt / option and duplicate multiple times


Distort the generated art : distortSet the foreground and background to the colors you want and then apply the halftone filter via the flter gallery to the entire document. Go to the layer menu and duplicate the layer multiple times (there is duplicate copies command though). Go to the edit menu and transform and distort one of the layers.


Repeat with the other layers and distort them to fill the artwork with different angled distortions of the artwork



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