How to use polar grids in Photoshop tutorial

How to use amazing polar grid designs in Photoshop via Illustrator (so requires Creative cloud membership or both apps) in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc

Polar grids in Photoshop

polar grid tool and export to Photoshop
  1. Create polar grid via the polar grid tool in Illustrator (for use in Photoshop) set radial and concentric etc

  2. Drag the path into the new CC libraries

  3. Open Photoshop

  4. Drag the path to the open document from the libraries panel

  5. Select the polar grid artwork in Photoshop

  6. Convert to a smart object (if not already a smart object) via the layer menu and smart objects or flatten and use with filters

  7. Use with filters such as the filter gallery and bas relief or analog efex etc

    polar grid bas relief in Photoshop

Use the polar grids in Photoshop as backgrounds

They can be used as basic backgrounds for images such as on the left and they can then be re-colored using adjustments or adjustment layers etc. You can also use the design as a wonderful guide for other fills where the individual cells can be filled with different colors or gradients or type etc

  1. Drag the polar grid to the document

  2. Re-size the polar grid in Photoshop

  3. Copy some type (such as an image of type)

  4. Select the magic wand tool

  5. Select a cell of the polar grid tool with the magic wand

  6. Use the edit menu and paste special / paste into command (the result is a layer)

  7. Flatten

  8. Select another cell and repeat

You can also combine effects such as blurs or perhaps apply transforms to the type to create more interesting fills of the polar grid Illustrator / Photoshop cells such as on the right

Use Photoshop polar grids as brushes

polar grid brushes tool for Photoshop

You can always define the polar grid from Illustrator as a new brush stroke

  1. Drag from the CC libraries

  2. flatten

  3. Edit menu

  4. Define brush command

  5. Apply using the paint tools in the toolbar of Photoshop


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