How to use nozzles as clone source in Painter tutorial

Nozzles can be used as a clone source and used with cloner tools in Painter 2018 2017 etc

Nozzles and Painter clone source

use nozzles as clone source in Painter tutorial
  1. Create new document for the nozzle in Painter

  2. Go to the patterns panel and define as pattern

  3. Goto the image hose and select a hose

  4. Goto the nozzle libraries panel and load nozzle

  5. Apply using the current tool to fill the file for use as a clone source

  6. Goto the clone source panel and select that pattern file or the actual current pattern if defined

  7. Goto the cloner tools via the brush tool

  8. Select cloner such as furry or bristles etc and apply


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Patterns: You can use the image hose to create all kinds of images. You can use them to create tiles. You can define any image as a tile via the pattern panel and then add the image hose and current RIFF to that document.


As you apply the strokes using whichever variant of the image hose you wish to use, you will see the artwork wrapping around the edge of the document.


You can then capture this document, simply go to the same panel and use the capture command and it will be added to the library and can then be used as a source for the cloners.


You can also use color effects to modify the tile and add those to the panel for use with the brush tools.


Variability of color : The cloner tools can be modified in many ways such as using color variability to add red and green and blue variability to the strokes as well as hue and saturation variability


Types : Go to the cloning panel and select different types such as normal, bilinear, perspective, rotate and mirror and much more. You can also modify the location for sources as well as randomize the source etc.


All kinds of amazing brush strokes can be created by combining these with the different types of brush strokes such as bristle, chalk, gouche etc


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You can use the above to create all kinds of stunning painted and smeary and fuzzy and furry paint using the resources. You can use them to add color as well as texture to images and much more. You can also modify the scale of the tile which can then be reflected in the brush strokes.


As the image hose can use a massive variety of different designs and the tiles can be rapidly created using the above technique, you can use the hose to create a vast resource of designs for use with the variants such as particle flows, smeary flat, texture spray, particle spring worm, oily jitter etc.


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