How to create a color spray in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a color spray / blurry color spray and splatter effect using brush tools in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc tutorial

Create color spray / splatter

how to create color spray in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select the brush tool in Photoshop as a start for the color spray

  2. Use one of the default brushes and set size 400px + Hardness 0% (though depends on the size of the document for the color spray)

  3. Set blending mode to normal. Set to pink and background to orange etc

  4. Go to the brushes / brush panel - spacing 100% and shape dynamics with size jitter 62% and minimum diameter 5% and scattering 430% and color dynamics set to apply per tip and foreground / background 35% and hue jitter 50% and purity 0% and transfer opacity jitter 80% and build up and smoothing ON

  5. Apply the new color spray to the document.

  6. Go to the presets for the tool presets in the corner. Set current tool only ON

  7. Click New tool preset

  8. Set include color ON

  9. Give the tool a name

videoVideo tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


And the preset is then stored for use in Photoshop. To reselect it, select the tool preset via the tool preset dropdown


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Create basic background : spotsSelect the brush tool. Go to brushes panel and select the stroke. Display the settings for that stroke and change the size setting to something smaller (100px). Set the foreground to black (via the toolbar). Apply the tool to the document.


The image will be filled with 100s of small colored dots.


Combine with effects : adjustmentsThe brush strokes can then be further manipulated using other effects such as oil paint and camera raw.


Great for creating weird and wonderful abstract backgrounds.


You can also also combine the artwork with adjustments to modify the spots in 1000s of ways.


Use with art history: tangleYou can also combine the strokes with other tools within PS such as using the art history tool. Click the current history state in the history panel (click left side of the current entry) and then fill the artwork with black. Select loose long type and set the size of the brush tool to a very small size (6px etc depending on the size of the image) and then use the art tool to re-paint the design.


You can use the tool to create all kinds of weird tangles.


Changing the hardness : hard design splatter in PSMuch as above but instead of using the hardness of the brush at 0%, set the hardness of the brush to 100% etc.


The example on the right, uses a black background.


Set size jitter to 100% and set transfer OFF. You can also save it as a new tool preset via the presets panel or save as a standard stroke in PS (2018 etc) - you can apply the stroke to create a spots and splatter design in seconds.


Use on a layer : layersYou can apply the preset multiple times to create color sprays to multiple layers. You can then combine those layers using blending modes as well as effects and opacity.


Apply the tool to a new layer and then apply a gaussian blur. Go to the layer menu and add a new layer and add some more strokes to that.


Goto the layer menu and layer styles and add a bevel and shadow


3D effects : 3dIf the artwork is added to a layer, you can also use it to create 3D designs via the 3D menu and depth maps (plane, sphere etc)


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