How to create blurred noise / grain in Illustrator tutorial

How to create a blurred noise / grain effect in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 etc

Blurred noise in Illustrator

create blurred noise effect in Illustrator
  1. Layer menu in Photoshop (initially)

  2. New layer

  3. Select brush tool and color via foreground

  4. Select brush such as a basic dot brush

  5. Apply brush and change color and re-apply and create numerous color dots

  6. Blur the brush layer using gaussian blur in filter menu

  7. Drag brush layer to the library

  8. Goto Illustrator application

  9. Drag dot image from library to artboard

  10. Embed

  11. Drag dots to the brushes panel

  12. Set as scatter brush

  13. Set random and variation such as rotation and size and scatter

  14. OK

  15. Apply blurred noise / grain brush stroke to background to create all kinds of blurry spots and dots grains effects.

Create in Photoshop : You can use images from Photoshop such as dots and then apply them scattered across a document. Note that this only works with more recent versions of Illustrator. You can create all kinds of similar effects in Photoshop and copy them over to the app for use there with the strokes etc


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