How to turn / disable live shapes to regular in Photoshop tutorial

How to disable / turn live shapes in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc and return to regular vectors tutorial

Turn / Disable live shapes to regular

How to turn / disable live shapes to regular in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select a live shape such as a rectangle in Photoshop

  2. Go to the direct selection tool

  3. Select a point using direct selection tool

  4. Drag slightly (very slightly)

  5. Message will appear saying "turn into a regular path, continue"

  6. Click OK to disable the live shape


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Direct selection tool approach : If you want to change or convert (or disable) a live shape into a regular one then the direct selection tool is one quick way of doing it but it is not ideal as any change to the shape will modify the actual design though if the snap feature is on then the edited anchor can be placed in exactly the same position for the regular as the live


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Custom shapes approach : A quick way to turn the design into a regular path is to just select the entire design and go to the edit menu and define custom shape and create that and use that instead. Again, not really ideal but at least you have achieved the required result of converting the art to a normal vector artwork.


CC Libraries approach : Another way of turning the artwork into a standard path is to drag the artwork into the CC libraries and then dragging back the smart object, the contents of which will be a standard design and not a live one


Pathfinder approach : Another way to convert the art into a normal path it to combine it with a smaller path


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