13,000 Colorful Fireworks ® Symbols Collection

13,000 Fireworks symbols, royalty-free, PNG format, commercial use, vector designs for Adobe Fireworks


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Image gallery: Symbols collection for Fireworks CS6-MX

13,000 Symbols for Fireworks. Many different and wonderful unique designs are included in the set - combine the designs in millions of different ways


All the fireworks symbols are for commercial use, all royalty-free, create items for sale such as logos, templates, books, adverts, packaging and much more.


The fireworks symbols are in standard PNG format for use in CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 MX to version 4 PC (windows 8, windows 7, windows XP, Vista) and MAC OS X - easy to use and apply via the symbol palette.


The symbols includes many different designs (you can see many of the examples of the designs included in the set via all the images below as well as via the video on the right which shows many of the thumbnail galleries included in the Fireworks symbols collection.


The PNG fireworks symbols are all accessed via the symbols palette / import command - you can select to load all the symbols or you can select only a sub-set of the symbols in the individual PNG file (the collection set includes many PNG files).


If you wish, you can also combine the PNG files such as selecting your favourite designs for quick re-use. The symbols can all be modified, the Fireworks symbols can be re-colored, xtras can be applied, they can be transformed, rotated, embossed, fills applied, satin applied to the symbols, the designs can combined, filters can be applied, layer effects can be applied and much more.


The symbols collection contains a powerful selection of great designs for all your projects. The symbols for Fireworks are all vectors for any size of work. If you have any questions about the set, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com. Super unique designs for all your projects.


Adobe and Fireworks are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. See the many different examples of the Fireworks symbols categories included in the collection set below and see all the designs included in the set via the symbols collection gallery link above.


Fireworks symbols videos

Symbols video


Fireworks symbols categories

A selection of the symbols that you can find in the symbols collection set - there are zillions of great designs in this set and all are stored in PNG format for ease of use.


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Fireworks symbols

After purchase of Firework symbols

You receive the download link to the PNG files (Firework libraries) The file set includes the designs in symbols PNG file (s) along with support material including documentation on the installation of the symbols and how to use them. A serial number is included for future updates. Also the set contains a thumbnail gallery of the designs. Fireworks and Adobe are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Free Fireworks symbols samplers

    Free symbols sampler PNG format

Feel free to use the free Fireworks PNG symbols as you would the commercial release sets, all royalty-free. Load via the import commands.

How to install the symbols ?

No particular folder is required for the Firework symbols so you can install the PNG files in any location. The most convenient locations are probably going to be your user accounts as you will have full access to save and overwrite the symbols files. To save the symbols to the program files / software folder you will need administrator privilege (which is not an issue if you are using Fireworks on a single user machine).


Startup Fireworks and go to the window menu command. Access the designs via the symbols import libraries palette.


Opening the Fireworks PNG document may or may not display the designs as some of the earlier sets did not include the designs in both locations. All the most recent sets include the artworks in the palette and on the document for ease of editing and modification


fireworks dialog

Fireworks select PNG file


fireworks palette

Select the symbols you want from the library - personally I wish the app just selected them all by default on selecting the PNG file

Use Fireworks shapes as is

The designs can be used as is, simply drag the symbol designs from the palette and use in the current document, it is a standard vector path


fireworks symbols



How are the symbols in Fireworks stored?

All the designs are stored in native PNG - mainly in the very early format of 4 so they can be used in MX, CS3, CS4

Multiple designs of the Fireworks symbols

If you have selected multiple Fireworks shapes you can always use the alignment options to align all of the shapes or group them.

Combine shapes in Fireworks

Combine shapes into new and exciting different designs in seconds. The shape can then be saved to the common library for future use (by checking the save to common library checkbox).

Apply effects in Fireworks

Apply various effects to the artworks such as the curves xtra or the bevel boss xtra


fireworks effects


blur fireworks symbols


Or use to re-color the fireworks symbols. Select a symbol and go to the properties palette and select the filters option and adjust color and color fill option - this will then add a fill to the current symbol (as below). The approach to adding color has changed with the versions (this was done in the Fireworks CS5 version)


color fill

Re-size vector imported designs

Use the scale tool to re-size the imported designs. The scale tool also combines with the Fireworks' skew and distort tool, both of the tools can also be used to modify the selected vector design. The shape can also be flipped vertically or horizontally.


fireworks scaling

Tween Fireworks symbol instances

Select multiple instances of the same artwork and tween between and distribute to frames in Fireworks.

How Convert fireworks symbols to animations or buttons ?

Drag the design from the palette to the document and then convert to a new fireworks symbol and select the animation / button option

Fireworks shapes / Broken apart symbols

The artworks can be used as is or broken apart by the 'break apart' command, then the shape can be modified in many different ways and re-colored


The artwork designs can also be edited in place using the right click 'edit in place' command, the various points of the design can be modified using the Firework's sub selection tool. During the edit, the color of the Firework symbol can also be modified say from red to blue and then different fill options can be applied such as a satin or ribbon look to the design.

Export of Fireworks symbols

The Fireworks shapes can be exported as raster designs via the standard formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG and therefore can be used in many other applications. Go to the fireworks symbols palette and place a symbol on the document / page and then go to the file menu export command




Or use the export wizard - offers a selection of options such as GIF, animated GIF, JPG, TIFF. The save as offers only PNG format files.


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