How to save Fireworks symbols to common library tutorial

How to save symbols to the common library in Adobe Fireworks tutorial

Saving Fireworks symbols to common library

common library save to common library
  1. Fireworks window menu

  2. Document library panel of Fireworks

  3. Select the Firework symbol in the document library

  4. Right menu

  5. Save to common library command.


You can now save the vector artworks to a common library format for ease of access in CS6 etc which is .graphic and they are stored in the application support (mac) common library and any custom ones are stored in the custom symbols folder.


How to convert a normal path to symbol and save to common library : save to common library fireworks symbolsGo to the modify menu and then Symbol category and then use the Convert to command. Set the enable 9-slice ON. Enable "save to common library" to ON.


Give it a name and then click OK.


The new artwork will be stored as a .graphic in the custom section.


Added artwork location : Common library panel and then go to the custom symbols section of the common library - the names are all in order so you should find them beneath the buttons and cursors.


You can see from the example on the right that it is probably best to give it a better name (just calling it 19 is probably not a great description)


The one good thing about the common library is that the vectors are now available at all times and no longer need to be re-loaded via the import.


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