How to load / install Fireworks symbols tutorial

How to install the Fireworks symbols / libraries PNG in CS6 etc

Installing / Limport of symbols from the library in Fireworksoading Fireworks symbols (PNG format)

  1. Startup Adobe Fireworks

  2. Go to the window menu command

  3. Document library panel

  4. Goto to the right side menu of document library (this is where you load / install the Firework symbols)

  5. Import symbols command

  6. Browse and select PNG file

  7. Select all or select some

  8. Click import

Adding them to the artboard : Select the symbol in the document library or common library (these can be shown via the window menu). Drag from the panel and place on the artboard


Install folder : No particular folder is required for the install of the files so you can install the PNG images in any location. The most convenient location is probably going to be your folder in your user account as you will have full access to save and overwrite the files.


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