How to scale Fireworks symbols tutorial

How to re-size / scale symbols in Adobe Fireworks tutorial

Scaling Fireworks symbols using scale tool

You can use the scale tool for scaling the Fireworks symbols

  1. Select the fireworks symbols to be scaled

  2. Go to the toolbar

  3. Select the scale tool (near the top of the toolbar)

  4. Size as required

Scale Tool in toolbar: The tool also combines with the skew and distort tool, both of the tools can also be used to modify the selected vector graphic. The shape can also be flipped vertically or horizontally. The center of the transformation can be re-positioned.


Pointer tool You can also re-size the artworks using the pointer tool. Double click the artwork and the use the pointer tool to increase or decrease the size of the vector. You then need to exit from the editing mode


menuMenu commands : You can also re-size them via the menu. Goto the modify menu and then use the transform command and scale


There are other transformations such as skew and distort and flip.


One interesting option is the numeric transform - makes it a whole lot easier to add precise settings for the transformation


Properties panel : propertiesThe artwork can be re-sized via the properties panel by selecting the work and then changing the W (width) etc via the properties panel. You can also use the same panel to add edge and texture and much more to the selected design



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