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Animate / Flash symbols for CC CS6 2017 2015 CS5 etc in standard FLA vector shapes inc. stars, arrows, doodles, heart symbols for Adobe Flash / Macromedia Flash. All royalty free. They are all commercial (CU4CU) use, all the flash symbols are by No credit is required, royalty free, world wide use, no time limits imposed. Use the Animate / Flash symbols shapes to create items for sale to create books, adverts, packaging, posters, mugs, fashions, ceramics, textiles, hats, web sites and more. The symbols for Flash can be used to any size. The symbols for Flash and Animate can be set to any color. If you have any questions about the uses of the Animate Flash symbols / shapes please check out our license section or contact us on support@ FLA format for ease of use in Adobe Flash / Adobe Animate, access via the panel and use in all your projects. Load the initial FLA Flash symbols format file via the file menu import and open external library. On purchase, receive the FLA files along with notes and gallery and serial for Flash / Animate


All sets are $3.95, all are in FLA symbol format for use in Flash / Animate


BUY 5000 symbols - 3D, arrows, wavy symbols, flowers stars, abstract ... Animate / Flash symbols


BUY 100 Greek ornament artworks for use throughout your work Greek ornament symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 350 Christmas symbols include angels and candles Christmas symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Doodles symbols include frames, sketched symbols Doodle sketches for Animate / Flash


BUY 380 Snowflakes includes Christmas imagery, snow flakes, blue, crystals etc Snowflake symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 200 Flourishes and swirls Swirl / flourish symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 130 Flourishes Flourish symbols for Flash Animate


BUY 165 Embellishment themed includes scrolls, curved, swirls, flourishes etc Embellish symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 160 Heart romance including outlines, hollow, red, curved and more Heart symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 1,000 Mixed Vector graphics including petals, frames, lines and more. Mixed symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 1,500 Symbols includes contours, pyramids Mixed symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 200 Intense ripple includes colorful ripples, intense, surreal Ripple symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Different arrow themed artworks Arrow symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Grid / table / layout themed Grid table symbols for Animate / Flash


BUY 100 Mixed artworks Mixed symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Mixed artworks Mixed symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Rosette vector artworks Rosette symbols for Flash / Animate


BUY 100 Stunning scroll / embellished artworks Scroll waves / embellish for Flash / Animate


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After purchasing the exciting shape decorative graphics

You receive the download link to the shapes. The file set includes them in FLA file along with support material including documentation on the installation and how to use them. A serial number is included for future updates. Also the set contains a Thumbnails. They are all stored in FLA format - this is the standard format. The format is currently for a fairly early version of application (Macromedia) so all the versions since about 1995 can use the PNG images without an issue (i.e. all the creative suite versions as well as those of Macromedia back to version 4.

How to install / load them

Graphicxtras tutorial : How to load them more info / videos etc

Free symbols

Free animate / flash samplers / demo tryouts for you to use in your commercial projects

How to combine them

You have to first break apart the graphic and then go to the modify and then combine objects command and select union. You can then create a new artwork by using the command 'modify and then convert' to new symbol.

How to add color effects / themes / harmony to them

You first have to break apart the paths. Go to the window and then extensions and Kuler command. If you are not connected to the web (what you are not? how comes you are reading this?) then the only option will be the create. You can still use the Kuler tool to create harmonious color schemes to any selected shapess (as well as the entire movie).

How to use with large movies or small movies

All are vector shapes and can be increased in size / rotated and more without any sizing issues

How to modify them

One option, break the shapes apart (using the right click menu option) and use the pointer tool to modify the path's points.

How to make buttons

To use them as buttons, Simply drag any of the artwork from the panel and then back into the panel and select 'button' option. Assign the up / down. Assign an action such as go to URL.

How to export to other applications

Or access them via another application such as AI or Freehand to tweak the shapes further. Simply select the items and then use export command to export them to EPS or AI format

How to animate

Once in the application, place in frames / key frames, tween as normal. As they are purely used as an instance (containing transformation information such as scaling, rotation and a reference back to the original source), they have little impact on the actual file size.

How to use shapes

Simply drag from the library and use in current document. Use in any commercial (CU4CU) projects or otherwise (non exclusive use). Access the © libraries via the open as library command or via the libraries menu. They can be used as is. You can modify the color, the transparency without 'modifying the shapes'. The color can be changed via the property

In earlier versions

If you wish to modify them further, you need to use the modify followed by the break apart command to break the link with the vector graphic. They can then be re-colored using a blend fill as well as adding an edge using the bottle tool. In the recent versions of applications you can double click the vector and enter the isolation mode to edit a particular part of the shape.

How to distort the vector graphics

They can also be distorted and paths tweaked using the pointer tool. The path can also be inset or expanded.

How can I get more

There are 5000 shapes available in our collection set and that contains many weird and wonderful as well as basic vector imagery. There are also 14 original themed packs + other packs.

How to modify and save new imagery etc

The shapes are only a starting point. They can be modified and then re-saved as a new artwork and added to your own project libraries.

How to spray particles using the deco tool ? (No longer in CC)

Select the deco tool and then select the 'particle system'. Set the two graphics via the edit buttons. Set the advanced options for the animation such as the total length of frames for the particles, life span, rate per frame, gravity effects, initial size. Access the deco tool via the tools dialog.

Video tutorials - how to find out more about the subject

You can find all our video tutorials via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube as well as via the excellent Learn all about how to use the vectors, how to open the FLA files, how to export them, how to use them in the timeline, how to distort them, how to modify the artwork and much more. Any questions, please contact us

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