Flower symbols royalty free

flower symbols for Illustrator floral design multiple copies

Flower symbols and shapes for Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc.

Flower symbols

AI format, downloads


Buy $9.95 100 Flower symbols (V87) Flower symbols and shapes for Illustrator


Buy $9.95 85 Artworks for your projects - all vector designs (V107) gallery


Buy $9.95 100 Floral artworks (V99) gallery


Buy $9.95 100 Amazing graphics for your work (V102) gallery


They are for use on the PC and Mac.


They are for use in personal and commercial projects. They can be used royalty free. They are all by graphicxtras.com. There are no time limits on their use. You can use them to create backgrounds, illustrations, layouts, textiles, textures, fashions, fabrics, leaflets, web pages and much more


The sets include many different super colorful designs

1) basic

2) red designs

3) flourishes

4) circular designs

5) frames

6) rounded

7) outlines

8) multi-colored

and many more


They are all accessed via the presets panel in Illustrator (access the panel via the window menu).


They can be used with the powerful sprayer to apply vector artworks all across the artboard. The flower symbols can also be dragged to the Illustrator artboard and used and duplicated and transformed and more.


On purchase of the sets, you receive the artwork in AI along with gallery and serial and notes about the artworks.


You can change the color of the designs in Illustrator at source or add color and fills and strokes and effects to them via the appearance panel. They can be edited in Illustrator. They can be used as a wonderful source of beautiful swatches and brushes. They can be used as normal paths. You can quickly change them from static designs to dynamic


They can be combined in millions of different colorful combinations. You can export them quickly for use in Photoshop via the CC libraries or the pasteboard.


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